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Main ingredients: ethyl vanillin, vanillin, butyric acid, γ-decalactone, diacetyl, sweetener and other food-grade raw materials.
Product features: pure fresh milk flavor. It has a sweet creamy aroma, natural aroma and purity.
The main function:
1. Use its unique cheese flavor to stimulate the animal's taste and smell, promote the secretion of digestive juice and gastrointestinal motility, so that the animal produces a strong appetite and promotes feeding.
2, increase feed cream and milk aroma, improve palatability, help pigs identify the feed, thereby increasing feed intake and promoting growth.
3, help to reduce the stress effects of weaning, transfer, vaccination, high temperature, replacement of feed, and overcome the growth caused by stress.
4, due to its fresh milk and sweet flavor, it will play a significant production and commodity benefits in the milk substitute and weaning material.
Suggested dosage: 300~500g/t in the mixed feed of suckling pigs and weaned piglets; 200~400 g/t in the feed of medium and large pigs. For the amount of concentrate and premix used, it can be appropriately increased or decreased for different purposes of addition.
Note: In use, it should be increased or decreased according to the composition of the raw materials, season, region, fragrance, and method of addition. In the case of pellets or bulking materials, the amount added can be increased by 10-20% or added externally.
Packing: Packed in double aluminum foil film. The specification is 1 kg per bag and 20 kg per piece.
Storage method: Store at room temperature, cool, dry place. Avoid mixing with other corrosive or odorous items.
Shelf life: Store at room temperature for 18 months.

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