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Main ingredients: sodium saccharin, flavor enhancer, etc. The main component analysis guaranteed value: anhydrous sodium saccharin (C4H4CONNaSO2) ≥ 94%.
Product Features: This product is a white powder with good fluidity and rich sweetness and aroma. The use of high-sweet raw materials, synergists, and special treatment eliminates the metallic taste of ordinary sweeteners. It has pure sweetness of sucrose, high sweetness, good palatability, safe and no toxic side effects.
The main function:
1. This product uses "sweet" to stimulate the sweetness-sensitive taste bud cells of the upper jaw and the tip of the tongue. It uses the attracting factor to act on the feeding center of the central nervous system of the animal, and stimulates the secretion of digestive juice and gastrointestinal motility, which induces the animal to last. Strong desire to eat.
2, added to the feeding material of the suckling piglets, can effectively feed the piglets in advance, thereby promoting the development of the gastrointestinal tract, to achieve early weaning, and can effectively reduce the adverse effects of weaning syndrome on piglets.
3. Compared with other sweeteners, the main advantage of this product is to block the odor instead of masking the odor, so as to fundamentally keep the feed sweet and sweet, while slowing down the poorly-suited feed components and anti-breeding. The effect of factors on the palatability of animals and the expansion of feed resources.
4, help to reduce the impact of stress such as weaning, transfer group, vaccination, high temperature, replacement of feed on feed intake, overcome the growth caused by stress.
5, the product tastes pure, has a similar taste of sucrose, can completely replace sucrose in the weaning material and the teaching material, which has a positive effect on improving the quality of the product and enhancing the market competitiveness.
Usage and Dosage: The full-price diet of suckling pigs and weaned pigs is 80~120g/t, and the full-price diet of Zhongda pigs is 70~100g/t. When used in conjunction with Emperor's premium milk fragrant [312] and whey powder, it can completely replace sucrose, milk powder, etc. in the weaning material and the teaching material, and achieve the same perfect feeding effect on the basis of reducing the feed cost. When used in concentrates or premixes, they should be converted according to the proportion of use or added according to market needs.
Note: The specific addition amount can be increased or decreased according to the composition of the diet, seasonal changes, and the way of addition.
Packing: Packed in double aluminum foil film. The specification is 25 kg per bag.
Storage method: Store at room temperature, cool, dry place. Avoid mixing with other corrosive or odorous items.
Shelf life: Store at room temperature for 18 months.

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