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Milky incense


Main ingredients: vitamins, natural plant and fermentation product extracts, food flavors, etc.
Product advantages:
1. Combine flavoring and function organically, and play a synergistic role of functional substances on the premise of increasing feed intake;
2, increase the attracting, improve the palatability of the diet, give play to the animal's own digestion potential, and improve the nutrient digestibility of the diet;
3, improve metabolism, improve nutrient utilization, promote lactation, can effectively improve the production capacity of lactating sows.
Recommended dosage: 1000g/t in sow diet. If the same flavor type "love mother incense" 300g / t is added to the piglet teaching material and nursery material, the effect is better, which is beneficial to the piglets to feed in advance and improve the weight of the weaning nest.
Product packaging: 2 kg / bag; 20 kg carton packaging
Stage of use: Milky: The sow is from 14 days before delivery until weaning.
                      Oedipal incense: piglet teaching, conservation stage.
Storage method: Store at room temperature, cool, dry place. Avoid mixing with other corrosive or odorous items.
Shelf life: Store at room temperature for 12 months.

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