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Main ingredients: natural flavor extracts (such as soy isoflavones, tartary buckwheat and sinister extracts), food flavors, etc.
Product advantages:
1. Improve blood hormone metabolism in sows and promote secretion of gonadotropin-releasing hormone in hypothalamus, which is conducive to follicular development, increase the number of ovulation, promote follicular maturation, and increase the rate of birth;
2, increase the feeding, improve the palatability of the diet, improve the proper reserve of body fat in the gilts, stimulate the hypothalamic GnRH, and then trigger the release of gonadotropin, stimulate the secretion of gonadotropin, thereby triggering estrus and increasing the estrus rate;
3. Extend the service life of the sow and increase the lifelong fertility.
Recommended dosage: 1000g/t in gilt diet.
Product packaging: 2 kg / bag; 20 kg carton packaging
Stage of use: gilts are continuously fed for 30 to 45 days before breeding or weaning to maternal interval
Storage method: Store at room temperature, cool, dry place. Avoid mixing with other corrosive or odorous items.
Shelf life: Store at room temperature for 18 months.

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