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Variations in raw materials, supplements, premixes and additives change the flavor of the feed and discourage the natural appetite of the animals. Any changes in the ration can negatively affect the animal, and subsequently reduce their feed intake. The suppressed appetite can reduce the secretion of gastric juices, which impairs the absorption of feed and consequently (influence )the profitability of the farm. To resolve these problems, we developed DDC Feed Flavor and Sweetener, a specific and studied series of flavors through regular research and adaption to the innovations in nutrition and the variability of raw materials: DDC Feed Flavor and Sweetener are available for each species and each stage of animal as appetizers to improve palatability and feed intake.


DDC Feed Flavor key functions:

1、Increase feed palatability and enhance animal appetite.

2、Improve feed intake, animal daily gain and FCR

3、Strength the anti-resistance of animal

4、Overcome the transfer challenge of feed

5、Improve feed flavor


DDC Feed Sweetener key functions:

1、Cover bitter or unpleasant tastes in feed.

2、Increase feed palatability and enhance animal appetite.

3、Improve feed intake,animal daily gain and FCR

4、Strength the anti-resistance of animal

5、Overcome the feed transfer challenge.

Besides Feed Flavor and Feed Sweetener, DDC also produce high quality Feed Acidifier and Feed Garlicin.


Besides above mentioned classic aroma, DDC can supply many other aroma such as red fruit, aniseed, strawberry, cherry, cinnamon, chocolate, biscuit, buttermilk, meat, herbal, licorice etc..

Meanwhile,DDC can supple special quality products such as micro-encapsulated, complete dissolved, spray drying , liquid product and functional feed flavor etc..