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Do not miss eleven aromatic plants

2019/03/01 17:08
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Basil, annual herb, stem erect, up to 50-100 cm high, leaves oval, flowers white or pink. Basil is cultivated mainly in Taiwan as a spice vegetable. In southern Europe and California, there is a large amount of cultivation for spices.

Thyme, perennial herb or subshrub, with good base branching, elliptical leaves, scented stems and leaves, and leaves can be used as seasonings.

Rosemary, evergreen shrubs, erect, leaf gray green, narrow pointed, leaves with loose pine scent, light blue, rich aroma, especially drought-tolerant, can be used as a hedge in the south.

Vanilla, an annual herb of the genus Huluba, has a plant height of 40cm and stems erect. When mature, the plant emits a scent of the scent, dried in the room, and the scent is diffused in the air for a long time.

Mint, also known as fish herb, perennial herb, plant height of about 25-50cm, many branches, leaves have serrations, yellow glandular spots, with a cool aroma, flowers are very small, light blue, with a pleasant fragrance. The leaves can be used as a spice or as a refreshing drink. Because of the special aroma, the flower has astringent and bactericidal effect, which is popular among growers.

Roses, since ancient times, roses have been cherished for their scent, flowery and colorful colors. It was introduced to Europe very early. In the Middle Ages, Europeans planted their medical value and planted them in the gardens of the monastery.

Known for its aroma, osmanthus is one of China's top ten traditional famous flowers and an excellent landscape garden tree. In addition to being available for viewing, its economic value is also high. Fresh osmanthus is an important raw material for making sweet-scented osmanthus, osmanthus cake, osmanthus tea and sweet-scented osmanthus. The essence extracted from sweet-scented osmanthus is a high-grade and precious spice.

Jasmine Oleaceae. Evergreen erect shrub with extremely aromatic flowers, extracting flavors or smoked tea. Leaves and roots are used as medicine.

Lavender, a light blue flower, full of aroma, feels peaceful, it is considered the highest level of essential oils, with clean body and mind, insecticidal, antibacterial, relaxing nerves, enhance memory and other effects, It is an essential oil that has good medical effects.

Star anise is another high-yield spice with an octagonal sweet flavor. It is a good food tart for people in many countries in China and the world. Many cooking and salted bean products are often used as star anise. It is the main spice.

The golden Buddha hand is planted in pot or ground, evergreen, golden fruit, symbolizing auspiciousness. It has always been known as the "fruit in the world, the world's wonderful plants", and has a great ornamental value: its fruit shape is peculiar and beautiful, like a Guanyin hand, or Grip or stretch, in a variety of ways, fun and interesting; after maturity, the color is golden, oily; the aroma is sultry, refreshing, refreshing; it can be described as "color, fragrance, shape".