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Dr. Lei Yan’s Sunbird No Resistance Conference Report was praised

2019/03/01 17:12
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On April 23, the Sunbird and Animal Husbandry Industry Development Conference ended successfully in Nanjing. The conference invited dozens of top academic experts from China and the Chinese Academy of Engineering, such as Academician Yin Yulong and Academician Macconson, to discuss the current cutting-edge technology and innovative solutions at home and abroad. Suggestions for future development.

In this morning's meeting, Dr. Lei Yan, Technical Director of DDC, was invited to make a special report on "My Opinion on Antibiotics Alternatives", which was well received by the participants. She combined her research and industry data at the Dankook University Laboratory in Korea to explain whether the prohibition of feed antibiotics is feasible from the three aspects of the history of feed antibiotics, the status quo of use, and alternatives. Through the use of effective substitutes, improving the supply of nutrients, improving the management level of feeding, and creating a good breeding environment can effectively alleviate a series of production pressures caused by the use of antibiotics or banned antibiotics.