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Speaking of the heart! A Spring Festival monologue of a vice president of agriculture and animal husbandry marketing

2019/03/01 17:13
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Year of the Monkey

Thanks ■ Touched ■ Hope

When the spring comes, every time, at this time, I will naturally look back on the things I have done together in the past year or even years, and those who accompany them. I am very excited about the burning life of passion, and I am greatly appreciative for the experience of sourness. To adapt to the ebb and flow of the tide, I would like to say a few sensible, heart-breaking words, and say that they share the same path.

This time I want to say:

Thanks ■ thanks

There is too much to thank in this year.

Thanks to this great era, we can have a chance to pay for a profit;

Thanks to our industry, we can maintain a stable economy in 2015, with a capacity of 83.28 million tons of pigs. We still have the possibility to provide value services;

Thanks to the support and help of every customer who has sold or not sold;

Thanks to the correct deployment of the company's major policies, and successfully achieved another victory in the continuous growth of “guarantee two quantities, increase two new ones, grasp the group, and specialize in difficulties”;

I am grateful to the staff of the district for their dedication and warmth. I am extremely proud of the record high in Guangdong. The huge growth in Yunnan has made me very surprised. Hunan’s firmness has made me feel at ease. Fujian’s Swordsman is full of strength, and the tide of Guizhou’s tides has made me excitement;

Thanks to every dear colleague and lovely family who have quietly paid for the behind-the-scenes department. There are too many words to thank, and it is difficult to write them one by one. I would like to thank them.

The author leads the EMBA project team of the China Agricultural University Youth Leadership to the company.

Special thanks to Professor Fu Wenge, Prof. Hong Ruling, Ms. Mao Lihong, and Zhu Jie, the Young Leaders of China Agricultural University, and the elite classmates of the same class in 2013. The two-year study exchange was successfully completed in 2015 with outstanding students.

Special thanks to Professor Fu Wenge for his ideological innovation in this unforgettable study. I am especially grateful to the professors of the Agricultural University for teaching me to make the operation more clear from the perspective of the industry chain.

Special thanks to Teacher Hong Ruling, Teacher Mao Lihong and Teacher Zhu Jie for their care;

I am especially grateful to the private class committees and classmates for their influence on the subtle influence.

The knowledge in the classroom slowly became a force in the work, and you gave me a solid motivation to move forward.

The author learns at the Wen's pig farm ↑↑↑

Special thanks to the leaders of the Guangdong feed industry circle of friends, you led the Guangdong province's feed production and sales volume for many years in the country, mainly in the leadership of management thinking, leading in scale efficiency, leading in technical combat operations, in value service Leading.

I am especially grateful to the customers and friends of the feed enterprises for letting me practice and be pragmatic in the process of visiting and communicating;

Special thanks to Liu Yucai’s feed and additive exchange platform and all the friends in the circle, so that I have the opportunity to absorb nutrition here and summarize the work sharing;

I am especially grateful to Wen's Pig Training Camp for injecting my work into practical pig raising technology and training my chain-oriented service awareness from upstream additives to downstream farming.

This time I want to say:

Moved ■ moved

In the past year, I have been very touched by people and things that have moved me. I am moved by my family’s silent support and selfless dedication.

I am moved by my 80-year-old father and mother to self-reliance and self-reliance in the hometown of the old village to "remember everything is good" and never report the big love, so that I can rest assured that the work lies in good faith;

When I was touched by a business trip all the year round, my neighbors used the phone to send a WeChat method when they suddenly had a high fever every day, and persuaded the father to love the words of the mountain;

The marketing team of the author's company↑↑↑

Moved the family to send a child to school, run the hospital, deliver the goods, and cook the house in a hurry; touched the team's selfless dedication and endeavor spirit.

I am moved to Renjie's love to learn and implement, and to improve my self-improvement to Beijing for the doctor's ambition;

Touching Deng Yifeng's bold and clean work style; touching the magical visit skills of Yunnan Jingzhong and the superhuman wisdom to help others succeed;

Moved Yao Yaohai of Hunan to embrace the cross-border thinking of speed and passion on the Internet; touched the friendship of Fujian Li Jianpeng;

I am moved by the love of Wang Yu in Guizhou, which is greater than the love of the industry;

I was moved to take the longest of the hundred families, and the swords were immediately crossed, and the four courage and the courage to look at the sky.

I was really touched at this time of the year.

Specially moved: to improve the system management with the company management team with the core of Yu Lin's chairman Xiaobing.

I was particularly touched by the idea of ​​Yu Lin’s chairman who opened the road and dared to do nothing;

I am particularly moved by the small bosses to seek truth and pragmatism;

Specially moved by Jian Ping, always use the wisdom of the heart to polish the brand to light the belief that life is not extinguished;

I am particularly touched by Professor Bao Qingbin’s busy work, and he is pursuing the spirit of scientific research with excellence.

Dr. Lu Jirong was particularly moved to battle the battlefield, allowing products to be injected into emotional technology;

Specially touched the red rain total actuarial iron shovel with financial guidance and business practices;

Especially touched by the sea outside, Jiang Wei always calmly calmed down after the glitz.

From the avenue to the simple management, in the development of the company for 24 years, the most unique and local culture and international management mode has been formed, which has nourished my growth.

The author and Wang Renjie (left) and Li Jingjing (middle) on the team traveled on the way↑↑↑

Specially moved: During the work of the 80-year-old colleagues represented by Dr. Lei Yan, Dr. Yu Yu and Dr. Wang Renjie, their work and enthusiasm activated my inner vitality, doing things simple, refreshing, passionate, and solving problems worth learning. Moving.

Dr. Lei Yan was particularly moved to study abroad in Korea. He returned to the world to introduce the world's cutting-edge technology and management experience to the company to enhance product technology and contribute international power;

Dr. Yu Yu was particularly moved to visit the market to collect information, diligently learn professional knowledge, internalize knowledge points, and seek truth and pragmatic spirit;

I was particularly touched by Dr. Wang Renjie who walked the market, went to the workshop, looked at the raw materials, and went to the pig farm to grow his style.

The juvenile is strong and the organization is strong, the young and the rich is the team, and the young people you represent are moving and moving forward.

This time I want to say:


I have had unlimited hope to the front line, and I still hope that I will be on the road today. Ten years ago, I became a big designer: I have been a business card, changed my packaging, thought about VI, got through the website, engaged in activities, and visited famous teachers. Under the influence of friends in the design planning circle, there are also some gains:

He once participated in the design of Dazhou City Commercial Bank logo, extended the planning thought of Mr. Ye Maozhong, and promoted the planning of the iconic floor in Sichuan Province. He published paintings in the Dazhou Evening News and left traces in the Chengdu Business Daily. In the first phase of Fusenmei Home There have been commercial promotion in the journals. I have designed the houses to get through the villas. The teacher has determined that I have certain professional qualities and independent promotion and operation capabilities.

10 years ago, your dreams were beautiful. After 10 years, you are the most beautiful nightmare.

In 2003, the company’s planning department had a dream to make a difference in the field of agriculture and animal husbandry. In 2007, in the year of 2007, the promotion work was broken due to the idea, and the docking was weak. I took the initiative to go to the first line to sell and sell the products. The idea at that time was simply to understand the market analysis of the customer's landing brand, and strive to seamlessly connect the background work and the front-end landing. Huai’s original dream, relying on the footsteps to measure a mountain, is a little under 10 years and is also worthy of pride:

Under the care of everyone, I witnessed the great changes in the market in Hunan Province;

Continued growth in Guangdong Province;

The tumbling of Yunnan Province;

Fujian Province’s step by step;

The ups and downs in Guizhou Province are still beautiful;

Everything is possible as long as there is hope.

During this period, I studied and studied in the "Tsinghua University Agriculture and Animal Husbandry MBA", "2013 China Agricultural University Agriculture and Food Industry Youth Leader EMBA", "223 Issues Single Information Network Marketing Training" successively published in the industry media "Feed Expo" "Regional Market Brand Promotion", "Conference Marketing" and other articles, Hunan market practical cases were selected by Mr. Liu Yucai, "Marketing will not".

The author’s marketing case in the Hunan market was selected as “Marketing Teaching”.

Looking back at the past is nothing more than numbers, words, pictures, imprints, and accountability to the organization. It is a valuable experience of growing up and maturing in your own career. From the office to the market; from the former marketing preparation to the post-marketing practice; from doing it to working with the team; from underground promotion to online business; from non-professional to very specific; today is still infinite hope on the road, in 2016. As long as there is hope in a dream, as long as there is hope, hope can be realized.

Bring forward the group and realize new hopes↑↑↑

With my 10 years of experience in the first line, I have never understood design to do high-end design, from looking up the brand to promoting brand landing, never going far to the market, from doing my own work and teamwork, from doing addition to doing subtraction, From single thinking to systematic considerations, never knowing slowly, from fear to innovation, experience will become a valuable asset for life. It is recommended that everyone embrace the trend, hold the crisis, work together, and advance the group to realize new hopes.

I want to say a paragraph at this time.

For those who traveled to the distance:

The road is dreaming at the foot, and hopes to let go of the dream, to be grateful, to be touched, not afraid of difficulties, not afraid to change, to be brave in action, to be brave in responsibility, not to be sincere, not to be artificial, to be inconsistent, to be tolerant, to respect, Understand concessions, without losing the roots, not forgetting the initial heart, you can activate your heart, you can go further, you can touch the world, you can do good things, you can realize value. Wishing to get together in the fate of the sky, every friend in my life, grateful for every experience in memory, hope for infinity, unlimited hope on the road.

Haitao at home

2016 New Year's Day

Jian Ping notes ◎

Haitao was my closest colleague in the old days. I fought with me in the planning department of the company ten years ago. This young man with lofty ideals, one day, put down the design ideal in the morning light of Rongcheng, put down the nine-to-five, put the following art fresh, cross the crowd, cross the hierarchy, cross the barrier, pick up the book, walk into the classroom, walk through Market, walking on the road away from hometown, scale yourself. He is a native of the Hanke who grew up, but is very good at learning and constantly expressing himself.

Understand marketing, plan, do a good job, sum up, share the Haitao, at noon on the second day of the New Year, send me this long article. At that time, I was trying to take a nap in the lazy sunshine in the afternoon of spring. Suddenly, a feeling of gratitude to others, carrying a sea of ​​emotions, was like standing in front of me in the New Year. Dao came to his hopes for the New Year. At that time, spring was also blooming in my heart.

One year, maybe I can't stop, Life is hope and hope is life, I believe that we will harvest in the spring and harvest in the fall.