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No one cares about 37 pigs, and the 8th old man is very embarrassed!

2019/03/01 17:13
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Xing Agong and his pigs

The newspaper "I can't afford to sell more than 30 pigs. I can't afford it. You can help me." At noon yesterday, a white-haired old man came to the newspaper from the town of Haikou.

Reporter Zhang Yewen / map

The old man surnamed Xing, 80 years old this year, lives in Haikou roughly slope town. Xing Agong’s wife opened a small shop and he focused on raising pigs. Yesterday afternoon, the reporter saw in the pig pens of Xing Agong's backyard that there were 37 pigs in the five pig pens, the largest of which was six to seven hundred pounds.

"I haven't sold it at this end of the year." Xing Agong said that he has been raising pigs for 30 years. At the end of last year, he spent more than 40,000 yuan to buy 37 pigs. He planned to have a "big harvest" this year. No pigs have been sold until now. Xing Agong told reporters that he did not have a fixed cooperation in buying pigs. Since this year, only one person who bought pigs has seen it, but the other party wants to buy a piglet, so he did not buy it, and then no one cares.

Xing Agong put his energy on raising pigs. He looked after the pigs every day and was busy until 11 o'clock in the evening to sleep. Now that he can't sell the pigs, he is very anxious. "I have to look at these pigs every three hours, add water and feed." Xing Agong said that he has no money to buy feed now, and he can't afford it if he can't sell it.

Xing Agong told reporters that in order to sell the pigs, he has already made a step in the price. "The pig I sold last year was more than 9 pounds. Now it has dropped to 8 more pounds, or no one is buying it. "Xing Agong hopes to find the buyer through this newspaper. (Source: Hainan Special Zone Daily