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"Inspirational brother" congenital feet deformed by raising pigs to raise surgery fees

2019/03/01 17:14
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"There is a Jacky Cheung in the 'Four Great Kings', I am also called Jacky Cheung, but I am good at raising pigs." When I said this, 35-year-old Jacky Cheung laughed at the reporter, this congenital foot deformed guy, face I can't see a trace of pessimism.

Once, the children in the same village bullied him. He wanted to catch up with the arguments. But without a few steps, he sat down on the ground. "I am helplessly licking my legs. I don't want to be a waste, I have to be self-reliant."

His home, in Ping County, Ankang Town, because of congenital malformation of the feet, varus 90 degrees, can barely stand when young. Later, the illness was delayed, and last year, even walking became a problem, and it was only by wheelchair.

"When the foot touches the ground, it hurts." Jacky Cheung said that when he was a child, he was poor and had no money to see a doctor. His condition has not been effectively checked. Since 2009, he has developed his own idea of ​​making money and seeing a doctor.

For the guy who is very difficult to walk, what method do you use to make money? The answer given by Jacky Cheung is: raising pigs.

"The feet can't go, I still have knees, and my hands, sometimes I can't walk. I just walked and fed the feed to feed the pigs." From his home to the pigsty, less than 20 meters away, a bucket of pig feed 30 To Jin, he just leaned on the ground and moved a little bit.

A little pebbles on the ground will hurt. "A pain, I can't stand up for a long time." The most difficult thing is to vaccinate the pig. "I have raised more than 80 pigs at most. The vaccine has to be shot by one needle. Sometimes, the pig is not obedient, running around, I even Chasing can't catch up."

Zhang Xueyou said that both parents are over 70 years old, and some of their brothers and sisters are also married, and the economic conditions are not good. All the affairs of raising pigs must be personally cooked and no one can help.

In May last year, Jacky Cheung sold all of the more than 80 pigs and took out his own savings for a long time. He scraped 100,000 yuan and went to Xi'an Red Cross Hospital from Ankang to treat the disease.

"The young man is really great. We all call him 'inspirational brother'. He is self-reliant and self-reliant. It is not easy to fight hard with the disease." Yesterday, Liang Xiaojun, director of the foot surgery department of the Red Cross Hospital, told reporters that Jacky Cheung is It belongs to the congenital horseshoe-shaped foot varus. The situation is very serious. It is a rare disease in the country and requires multiple surgical treatments.

At present, the operation has been done 3 times, the situation is good, the original varus 90 degree deformity, has become a 30 degree deformity, and then need to do an operation, in order to restore normal walking ability and self-care ability.

"I have no ability to do surgery again, because the fourth surgery cost is not enough." Seeing that the wish for more than 30 years is about to be realized, Zhang Xueyou is a bit tired at this time. "If it is not good, I will Return to the old industry and continue to go home to raise pigs." (Source: Shaanxi Media Network - Sanqin Metropolis Daily)

Jacky Cheung said that if an enthusiastic person can help him raise the cost of the fourth operation and let him stand up like a normal person, he will certainly continue to start a business and return to society. (Reporter Song Yu intern Yang Dan He Yu)