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Shizhu: Specially poor households "have no way to go"

2019/03/01 17:15
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People's Daily Online, Chongqing, March 10th, "I can say that I can't say that I have no way to go. I have been forced to do this." It seems that I really want to thank her sisters. I want to study for money!" Referring to the scale of the abandoned pig farm to raise pigs and embark on the road to get rich, Liu Chengwen, a group of nearly 100-year-old group of Jinxin Village, Mawu Town, Shizhu Tujia Autonomous County, Chongqing Revolutionary Old District, has achieved great success. sense.

Liu Chengwen is busy adding feed to pigs.

For the sake of making a living, brewing, killing pigs, selling meat, making small money

Liu Chengwen, who grew up in Dashan, has a natural spirit of hard work and hard work.

After graduating from junior high school, Liu Chengwen caught up with the good times of comprehensive reform and opening up. Just after the Spring Festival in 1988, with the support of his parents, he learned the craft of brewing small stove liquor with the local winemakers, and Dong Laxi raised money to build a brewery.

"Through some efforts, the wine was finally brewed. Because of its honest management, it is not popular. The small stove liquor is very popular." Liu Chengwen said that when the winery was down for two years, the production scale was small due to the lack of rational use of the distiller's grains. , except for the cost left.

With the continuous improvement of rural traffic conditions, the local people have managed to liberate themselves from the shoulders and the transportation industry has gradually become popular.

"I saw that running and transporting not only earned money, but also was very popular with the people, so I thought of driving." Liu Chengwen said that in the autumn of 1992, he learned to drive with his teacher. After half a year, he raised money to buy a four-wheeled car to run his own business.

"At that time, I felt that I had finally found a doorway to make a fortune. I had a lot of energy all day long." Liu Chengwen recalled that even if he was going to work late at night, he would have to clean the car and rest in peace.

"With the two daughters coming down, the time for getting out of the train is getting less and less, and the expenses are getting bigger and bigger. The income from running and transporting is almost out of reach." Liu Chengwen said that since 1996, while running and transporting, he killed with his wife. The pig sells meat, and the two incomes guarantee the daily expenses of the family.

For women to go to school, rent a pig farm to raise pigs and get rich

In the fall of 2011, for the Liu Chengwen family, it was a double happiness - the eldest daughter was admitted to the university, and the second daughter was selected to Chongqing for junior high school.

"I have to take out more than 20,000 yuan, which makes me and my family a little confused." Liu Chengwen said that in order not to affect the emotions of the two daughters going to school, he took out the profit and the cost of selling meat, and he was very happy. They sent them to the road of learning.

Without the money to buy pigs to slaughter and sell meat, Liu Chengwen stayed up all night.

"If we raise pigs ourselves, we can kill pigs and meat at any time and place." After breakfast the next day, Liu Chengwen and his wife did not go out because they didn't have the money to sell pigs. They started their own pig raising.

After several rounds of talks, they thought of a local shack. In the past few years, several local villagers joined forces to form a “standardized breeding farm for Jinxu pigs in Mawu Town”, which was already abandoned by others.

"By negotiation, I reached an agreement with them to expand the scope of rent year after year and pay rent first after entering the market." Liu Chengwen said that in this way, starting from the first year of renting a pigsty, the start-up funds were obtained through real estate and car mortgage credit loans. , began the scale of pig farming.

After repairing the first batch of piglets from the pig farm, Liu Chengwen was busy on the same track every day.

In the morning, Liu Chengwen got out of bed with his cloak, and his sleepy eyes went into the pig farm. He looked at the big white pig with a big fat ear and didn’t have the same expression. His face was full of smiles.

Later, he went to the batching room and began to mix the pig's feed with cornmeal. Probably smelled the feed, and several sows opened their eyes and began to pick up.

"Don't worry, your feed is timed quantitative, certainly not hungry!" Liu Chengwen smiled and said "two sentences" toward the pig pen.

Pushing the trolley filled with the prepared feed into the pig farm, watching a cute pig licking his eyes, Liu Chengwen was full of excitement and distributed the feed one by one into the trough of the pigsty. At this time, the pig farm was completely quiet, and the "eight bells" all rushed to feed the feed.

After adding the feed and putting down the feed car, Liu Chengwen went to the labor room and began to observe the piglets who were still eating milk.

In one day, Liu Chengwen had never been idle. Even during the occasional rest time, he would go back to the house and open the book to study the technology of raising pigs.

From sunrise to sunset, this pig farm hidden in the forest, almost only Liu Chengwen alone.

"There is pressure, there are difficulties, but we have more dreams!" In the town of Mawuchang, he met the wife of Liu Chengwen who was selling meat. She said with confidence that the two daughters "forced" them on the pig road. In the past few years, Liu Chengwen has been waiting for pig farms and expanding the scale of breeding every year. She went to the streets to sell pork and buy corn at home as a good “secondary passer”.

"Liu Chengwen's two couples have finally succeeded!" Speaking of the two "smack" smashing sheds, the local people raised their thumbs and said that the eldest daughter of the university graduated successfully and found a satisfactory job and became a family. The second daughter looked at high school graduation. Will soon become the second college student, and Liu Chengwen also bought a suite in the town of Mawuchang. "All this depends on Liu Chengwen's two couples who are not afraid of suffering and tired!"

Through the hard work of Liu Chengwen, the ruins of the past were replaced by a vibrant pig farm. A pig farm with more than 300 pigs and more than 800 commercial pigs in the year has become a living teaching material for poverty alleviation.

This seemingly rustic "swine", with sweat casts the big dreams of the heart, and will continue on the way to the rich road it built. (Wang Wei Tan Huaxiang Li Shaoran)