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The fake veterinarian is coming again! The first batch of fake veterinary drugs were exposed in 2018, and the 47 batches were investigated! (with list)

2019/03/01 17:16
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Notice of the Ministry of Agriculture on organizing the first batch of investigation and punishment of fake veterinary drugs in 2018
Animal Husbandry and Veterinary (Agriculture, Animal Husbandry and Agriculture) Departments (Bureau, Committee, Office) of all provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the Central Government, Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps Animal Husbandry and Veterinary Bureau:
Recently, 15 provincial-level veterinary drug inspection agencies, including the Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps Veterinary Drug Surveillance Agency, submitted 47 pieces of information on fake veterinary drugs found in the December 2017 veterinary drug surveillance sampling. Among them, 4 illegal veterinary drug manufacturers (Annex 1), involving 5 batches of fake veterinary drugs (Attachment 2); legal veterinary drug manufacturers confirmed 42 batches of suspected veterinary drugs not produced by the company (Annex 3). The veterinary administrative departments at all levels shall strictly investigate and punish according to the severe punishment provisions for veterinary drug violations (Agriculture Ministry Announcement No. 2071) and the following requirements.
1. For the illegal veterinary drug production enterprises listed in Annex 1, it is necessary to file a case for investigation and to crack down on fraudulent dens and distribution channels according to law.
2. The suspected veterinary drugs listed in Annex 2 and the suspected fake veterinary drugs listed in Annex 3 shall be investigated and dealt with, and shall be cleared and destroyed according to law. The veterinary drug business unit is required to immediately remove the listed veterinary drugs and impose penalties on its illegal acts. It is necessary to strengthen the traceability and investigation of the source of fake veterinary drugs, and crack down on fraudulent dens and distribution channels in accordance with the law.
3. For the designated veterinary drug manufacturers listed in Annex 3, they shall promptly organize the verification and find that the suspected veterinary drugs listed in Annex 3 are severely punished according to law.
4. All localities shall, in accordance with the “Notice of the General Office of the Ministry of Agriculture on Further Strengthening the Investigation and Investigation of the Cases of Violent Veterinary Drugs and Information Reporting” (Agricultural Medical Office [2016] No. 16), promptly report the investigation to the veterinary bureau of our Ministry. Inform the investigation results in due course.
1. List of illegal veterinary drug manufacturers
2. Summary table of fake veterinary drugs produced by illegal veterinary drug manufacturers
3. The legal veterinary drug manufacturer confirms the summary of suspected veterinary drugs produced by the company.
January 31, 2018
List of illegal veterinary drug manufacturers
Nominal Shanghai enterprises (1): Shanghai Kangdeli Animal Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., Address: No. 158, Zhongchun Road, Minhang District, Shanghai, China Tel: 021-510978672, Website:
Nominal enterprises in Shandong Province (1): Shandong Wellcome Biotechnology Co., Ltd., Address: Huaiyin Economic Development Zone, Jinan City, Shandong Province, Tel: 0531-8725774.
Nominal enterprises in Henan Province (1): Shangqiu Tianyi Biotechnology Co., Ltd., Address: Wenhua East Road, Shangqiu City (opposite to the City Industrial Bank), Tel: 0371-56681866, 13253361046, 15539033099, Website:
Nominal Chongqing enterprises (1): Chongqing Jintang Animal Medicine Co., Ltd., Address: No. 2, Changjiang Road, Chongqing Economic and Technological Development Zone, Tel: 023-67730327.
Annex 2: