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These feed companies have fought in Vietnam! How big is the competitiveness of the Vietnamese feed market?

2019/03/01 17:20
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In 2012, Vietnam accounted for 18.8%, Proconco (Vietnamese joint venture) accounted for 10.8%, Cargill 6.7%, Green and Anco (Vietnam and Malaysia joint ventures) accounted for 4.4% and 2.2% respectively.

Zhengda Feed Production Base, Binh Duong Province, Vietnam

In 2015, there have been many changes in the Vietnamese feed industry. Through member company Masan Nutri-Science, Masan acquired a 52% stake in Proconco and a 70% stake in Anco. At the same time, Xiongwang Aquatic Products Co., Ltd. and Hefa Group Co., Ltd. (steel enterprise) also entered the livestock and poultry feed market. According to the sales volume announced by the companies, the top three feed market shares in Vietnam in 2015 were: Vietnam's 3.8 million tons, with a market share of 21%); Masan Nutri-Science 2.5 million tons, with a market share of 14%; Green and Xiongwang a total of 150 10,000 tons, market share of 8.3%. In 2015, Xiongwang Group invested in the Vietnam Victory Subsidiary (VTF) and built two aquatic feed plants in the same tower to increase the aquatic feed production of Yuesheng Company to 1.5 million tons/year.

Cargill Feed Production Base, Pingding Province, Vietnam
Vietnam Green Feed Company Production Base

  At the end of 2016, VTF's production capacity reached 2 million tons/year. VTF has become Vietnam's second largest feed producer, with market share second only to Zhengda. It is estimated that by 2017, the total output of VTF will reach 2.5 million tons.

Masan Nutri-Sience feed production base

 Masan also puts a lot of expectations in the feed industry. In April 2015, at the launch of the announcement of the purchase of Proconco and Anco shares, Masan Nutri-Science's general manager Daniel Li said that the goal for 2020 is to account for 50% of the Vietnamese feed market. In addition, in 2015, the successful animal protein business made the Masan Group's profit growth breakthrough, reaching VND 14.054 billion. Vietnam's Zhengda is still the largest feed company in Vietnam. In Asia, Vietnam's Zhengda's feed production and sales are second only to China.

Taiwan Dacheng Group Vietnam Asian Nutrition Corporation Feed Factory
Vina Feed Company Dealership
Vina Feed Company Dealer Warehouse
Vietnam Kangdi Feed Co., Ltd. Hanoi Office
Vietnam Kangdi Feed Co., Ltd. Haiyang Production Base Finished Product Library
New Hope Group Vietnam Feed Production Base
Vietnam feed company rankings and market share


Market share of Vietnam feed companies in 2014: 19% for Zhengda, 8% for Cargill, 8% for Proconco, 5% for Dacheng (ANT), 5% for green feed, 4% for Anco, 4% for Japfa, 3% for CJ, and 3% for state-owned enterprises in Big Bagh. Vina2%, other 39%

1. Vietnam Zhengda Co., Ltd. (CP)

Thailand Zhengda entered the Vietnamese market in 1988. There are currently nine factories producing livestock and poultry feed and aquatic feed in Vietnam.

2, Proconco company

Yuefa Co., Ltd. is the first foreign joint venture in Vietnam. In 1991, it established a feed production base in the Bianhe Industrial Zone of Dong Nai Province to produce livestock and poultry feed. Proconco is currently one of the flagship companies in Vietnam producing livestock, poultry and aquafeeds, and is one of the world's top 100 feed producers.

3. Vietnam Cargill Co., Ltd. Cargill

Cargill began investing in a feed mill in Vietnam in 1995. It currently has nine feed mills in nine provinces in Vietnam and employs 1,400 people.

4, De Heus, Vietnam

Established in 2008, Dehes Vietnam is a subsidiary of the Dutch Dehes Group. Dehes acquires local feed companies and specializes in the production of livestock and poultry and aquatic feed in Pingyang and Haiphong. In 2011, Dehes completed a new feed plant in Dong Nai province, which was completed in 2012. The plant uses imported equipment and production technology from the Netherlands and the United States with a capacity of 300,000 tons/year. Subsequently, Dehes continued to acquire aquaculture plant in Yonglong Province. In 2014, a feed mill was established in Yongfu Province with a capacity of 600,000 tons/year. Dehes has a place in the top ten feed producers in Vietnam. ?

5. Austfeed Associates

Vietnam Austfeed produces livestock and poultry feed according to ISO9001 standard with a feed capacity of 450,000 tons/year. Ausfeed is a company with continuous improvement in product quality and production and sales. Recently, Ausfeed will use the Swiss Buhler equipment to build a new 300,000 t/y workshop, increasing the capacity of all plants to 600,000 tons/year. Ausfeed is one of the better companies in the upstream and downstream supply chain.

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