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More things in April! Soybean meal is full of red rose 170 yuan, the whole line of corn fell 20-50 yuan, but also bitter trade under the pig industry

2019/03/01 17:24
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With the rumbling rumbling, the smuggled frozen goods on the two big trucks were dumped into the garbage dump, and soon piled up into hills. A huge steel claw continued to throw these smuggled frozen products into the incinerator...

On March 29, Guangzhou Customs was affiliated to Foshan Customs Office in Nanhai, Nanhai Private Branch, and Nanhai District Smuggling Office to jointly carry out harmless destruction of smuggled frozen products, and concentrated on the destruction of 216 tons of frozen products such as smuggled beef and cattle by-products.

The destruction will last for five days and is the largest destruction of smuggled frozen products in Guangdong Nanhai in recent years.

According to reports, the frozen products were seized by the Nanhai Private Branch and the Nanhai District Smuggling Office in the joint operation against the smuggling of frozen goods. They were mainly smuggled through customs and customs, and there was no legal import certificate. China's relevant food hygiene and safety standards; some of the frozen products on the packaging bags are nominally produced in New Zealand, the United States, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom and other countries. They are considered to be frozen meat in the affected areas and are prohibited from importing goods; some frozen products are unclear. Unable to determine the country of origin.

Chen Shunqi, deputy director of the Foshan Customs Office in Nanhai, said that these frozen products that have not been legally inspected and quarantined may enter the market and may endanger the health of the public. The Customs will continue to deepen comprehensive governance and joint anti-smuggling, and crack down on smuggling illegal activities.

According to reports, this destruction was first monitored by the intermediary agency, that is, the entrusted law firm supervised the whole process of loading, escorting, unloading, and destroying the goods involved, and timely submitted witness reports, supervision reports, and video recordings. The materials and the destruction of the ledgers shall be checked by the Customs.

Link: Guangdong Marine Police successfully seized more than 3,900 cases of smuggled frozen products

Recently, Guangdong Marine Police successfully seized a suspected smuggled frozen product in the waters near Pinghai, Huidong. Two suspects were arrested on the scene, and more than 3,900 cases of suspected smuggled frozen goods were seized. The total weight was about 95 tons and the case value was about 4.5 million yuan.

On the same day, the Guangdong Marine Police reported that there were suspected smuggling of frozen goods in the jurisdiction, and sent police patrol ships to the target sea area for investigation. When the marine police patrol ship patrolled the waters near the Pinghai of Huidong, the suspicious vessel with no ship name and no ship number was discovered. The sea police patrol ship quickly approached the ship and forcibly organized the officers and men to jump in and board the ship. The ship's personnel are firmly in control.

After the sea police officers boarded the ship, they found that the bottom and the warehouse of the vessel were all modified and widened, and they were filled with a large number of frozen products suspected of being smuggled. After unpacking and inspection, the suspected smuggled goods were frozen products such as suspected cattle products, totaling more than 3,900 cases, with a total weight of about 95 tons. The frozen products were outfitted with obvious foreign language signs, and there was no relevant frozen product on board. Legal and effective procedures.