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furious! Guangdong Nanhai seized 216 tons of smuggled frozen meat, and the destruction lasted for five days.

2019/03/01 17:25
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78% of the country's pig farms have fallen into a state of loss


In March 2018, according to the monitoring of 4,000 pig farmers by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, the proportion of pig farmers’ losses has jumped to 78.01%, which means that 78.01% of the country’s pig farms have lost money. At present, the price of live pigs in the country is 5 yuan / kg, and the cost of the pigs at the price of 5 yuan / kg or more is entering the loss stage.

According to the statistics of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, the fixed assets investment in animal husbandry increased by 37.4% in the first two months of this year, and most of them were invested in large-scale farms. That is to say, under the current hog price, there is still a large amount of capital invested in capacity expansion. However, compared with other regions, the pig price here is not only lower than the other, but also faces greater pressure.

In the state of severe losses, Heilongjiang currently kills 2,000 sows every day.


"Compensation, according to the current pork price, each pig must lose at least 230-400 yuan", Zhao Lianbin told the interface news, he is the chairman of Harbin Binsheng Animal Husbandry Co., Ltd., is a breeder of Harbin breeding, annual breeding mother With more than 2,500 pigs, he studied how to sell estrus-producing sows to pig-raising companies or farmers, or to treat sows with postpartum depression and no estrus.

But in the past month, he has been hearing the incident of slaughtering sows by pig farmers. This is a helpless move for small farmers after the price of pigs has fallen. After all, pigs need new costs every day to breed and expand production capacity for sows. Can't even draw. As far as he knows, the entire Heilongjiang can kill nearly 2,000 sows every day. "Sows with too low a capacity can't kill." According to the law of sow's birth and nourishment, a sow usually produces about 25 piglets a year and is phased out after three years. However, some small-scale farmers have been unable to wait to kill sows with low production capacity in advance.

At present, the national hog price is 5 yuan / kg, and the price of pigs in the northeast is especially low. One of the reasons for the lower price of live pigs in the Northeast is the result of the big leap forward of pig farmers to the Northeast.

Upwind against the wind! 2018 national pig prices plummeted, Shuanghui is actually a good start1.jpg

In 78% of the country's pig farms are in a state of loss, the profits of domestic large slaughter companies have risen sharply. Taking Shuanghui as an example, the first quarter of 2018 benefited from a sharp drop in pig prices and a sharp increase in gross profit margin. In the first quarter of 2018, the company sold 743,000 tons of meat, up 5.9% year-on-year, with revenue of 12.06 billion yuan, down 1.4% year-on-year, operating profit of 1.35 billion yuan, up 21.7% year-on-year, and net profit of 1.06 billion yuan. 21.1%, the income growth was slightly lower than expected, mainly due to the sharp drop in pork prices, which led to a decline of 9% in the fresh business.

However, the cost of live pigs benefiting from the meat products business also dropped sharply, and the capacity utilization rate of the integrated slaughtering business increased. The gross profit margin in the first quarter of 2018 was 20.2%. The sales expense ratio was 4.9%, mainly due to the increase in market promotion and advertising investment. The management expense ratio was 2.1%, the company's net profit margin was 8.8%, and the performance elasticity was apparent.

New regulations are introduced by the state, and inter-provincial transportation will be restricted


The price of pigs not only affects the hearts of pig farmers, but also affects the hearts of leaders of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs. At the recent press conference of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, department leaders commented on the price of live pigs. The current ratio of pigs to pigs is 5.5. :1, large and small farmers are basically losing money, an important reason for the current low price of live pigs is the crazy expansion of large groups, resulting in serious oversupply of pigs. It also predicted the trend of pig price in the next step. Due to the low price fluctuation of live pigs, the price of live pigs in 2018 is difficult to improve, and the farmers are reminded to prevent them in advance. However, the leader did not point out that an important factor affecting the price of live pigs is the pricing of slaughtering enterprises. In order to limit the slaughtering enterprises to a single bullying farmer, the state has already imposed restrictions on the slaughtering industry.

The price of live pigs in China has always been high in the south and low in the north. Some slaughtering companies or pigs in order to obtain higher profits will sell from low-priced pigs in the north to high prices in the south. The impact of pig transport on pig prices through rain and snow weather. The change in the price of live pigs can be seen. In order to limit this behavior of slaughter companies, the next step of inter-provincial transportation will be greatly limited, which will help to promote the price increase of live pigs in some areas.

Moreover, from the perspective of disease prevention and control, after restricting inter-provincial transportation, it is also conducive to disease prevention and control, and confines infectious diseases to a relatively small range.

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