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If there are no retail investors, can slaughter enterprises arbitrarily depress prices?!
Ma Yun began to raise pigs, too? Ten million head in two years! Animal husbandry is beginning to calm down...
So much imported meat! No wonder the price of pork has gone up.
Guizhou Daily: Yuqing, Guizhou, has introduced 400,000 pig-raising projects with a total investment of 480 million yuan*
Guizhou Metropolitan Daily: Guizhou pig*raising enterprise stipulates that employees should communicate in English at work, and they will be punished if they don't say so!
Dahe Network: Removal of 13 forbidden farms in Zhengyang County
China Feed Industry Information Network: Summary of Domestic Feed Raw Materials Market on March 01, 2016
What factors will affect meat prices in 2016?
China Animal Husbandry and Veterinary Daily: During the 13th Five-Year Plan period, the number of feeding enterprises may be reduced to about 3000.
Pig assessment: Northeast China has become a pioneer in the north of China.
Guangdong Feed Industry: A Senior Animal Nutrition Researcher's View of Guangdong Feed Industry
Northeast Feed Information Network: Strategic Positioning and Management Development Forum for Feed Enterprises was successfully held in Kazakhstan under the new situation
Feed Man: Developing and Changing Feed Market in Shandong Province
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