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Top 10 global animal feed companies

2019/03/01 17:27
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In the past, the old pig-raising people knew that the price of live pigs would rise every holiday, that is, the pig-raising people would know that “every day will rise,” but this rule has not only been inaccurate, but it has also become "Does the rural farmers know what happened to this?"

First, the breeding subject has changed

In the past, the main body of farming in China was rural free-range households. Everyone raised a few sows or even a few fat pigs, and the overall supply of pigs in the market was not sufficient. Even if there were sufficient, there would be no such serious overcapacity. Nowadays, the main body of the breeding has been gradually transferred from the rural free-range households to the large-scale pig farms, while the large-scale pig farms are basically not in the pressure, and the pigs are all slaughtered according to the actual production situation.

Second, consumer spending habits have changed

In the early years, people's consumption levels were not high, especially the daily consumption of pork was low, and they would improve their meals through pork during the holidays. But now people's consumption levels have improved, pork meals are visible, and with the promotion of some green health diets, many people turn to beef and mutton, and no longer consume pork.

In the past festivals, everyone will prepare pork for the festival. When the festival is over, the consumption of pork will increase greatly. Nowadays, due to the daily consumption of pork, coupled with changes in consumer attitudes, the festival can not stimulate the consumption of pig prices, so it is not difficult to understand that “every day will fall”.

Third, the slaughter enterprise strategy has changed

In the previous festival, pork consumption will increase significantly. Slaughter companies can only increase the amount of slaughter in advance to stock up, which will drive the sales of pigs and the price will rise. However, the growth of pork consumption during the holiday season is not obvious. Coupled with the influence of imported pork and reserve pork storage, the effect of the festival and the sales of pigs is very low. It will be difficult to see that the festival will rise again. Case.

Based on the state that “every day will fall”, the price of pigs has lost the inevitable change law. It is difficult for farmers and even “experts” to find out the changing rules of live pig prices. It is recommended that farmers should rationally press the bar and release them at the right time.