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Regarding the seven conjectures of the pig industry in the next 10 years, how many do you agree?

2019/03/01 17:28
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Recently, the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs completed the routine monitoring of national agricultural product quality and safety in the first quarter of 2018. This year's routine monitoring scope has been further expanded, with emphasis on increasing monitoring indicators such as pesticides and veterinary antibiotics that affect the quality and safety of agricultural products. The monitoring parameters increased from 94 in 2017 to 122 in 2018, and the scientific and targeted monitoring work was further enhanced. In the first quarter, 31 provinces (autonomous regions, municipalities) and 5 separate cities were monitored, 452 vegetable production bases, 156 pig slaughterhouses, 545 (a) aquatic product transport vehicles or holding tanks in 153 large and medium-sized cities. 1,494 agricultural product wholesale (agricultural trade) markets and supermarkets, sampling 9668 samples of 78 categories of vegetables, fruits, livestock and poultry products and aquatic products, monitoring 119 items of agricultural and veterinary drug residues and illegal additives, and sampling inspection The rate reached 97.3%. Among them, the pass rate of sampling for vegetables, fruits, livestock and poultry products and aquatic products was 96.2%, 96.9%, 98.3% and 98.6% respectively. The quality and safety of agricultural products are steadily improving.

According to the monitored varieties, the pass rate of cabbage vegetables, edible fungi and melons in the 57 kinds of vegetables sampled was relatively high, 100%, 98.7% and 98.6% respectively. The pass rate of green leafy vegetables and legumes were respectively 92.0% and 80.3%; pork, pig liver and mutton were all qualified in the 6 kinds of livestock and poultry products sampled, and the pass rate of poultry, beef and poultry was 99.0%, 98.0% and 94.2% respectively; Among the aquatic products, tilapia, squid, squid and squid were all qualified, and the pass rates of black carp, carp and California carp were 96.9%, 96.7% and 91.8%, respectively.

The Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs has notified the monitoring results to all localities, requiring local agricultural and rural departments to seriously promote the activities of the “Agricultural Quality Year”, solidly carry out eight major actions such as agricultural product quality and safety monitoring and law enforcement, and carry out targeted follow-up on the problems discovered by the monitoring. Supervise spot checks, investigate and deal with unqualified products and their production units according to law, and carry out special rectification actions such as pesticides and pesticide residues, veterinary antibacterial drugs, “clenbuterol” and aquatic products “three fish and two drugs”, and increase administrative law enforcement and criminal Judicial articulation, strict prevention, strict management, strict control of agricultural product quality and safety risks, to ensure the quality and safety of agricultural products.