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China's increased demand has broken the Brazilian soybean export port. Brazil's soybean has the lowest global price.

2019/03/01 17:31
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In order to enrich the source of feed ingredients and promote the development of the feed industry, according to the Regulations on the Administration of Feed and Feed Additives, the Ministry of Health decided to add 32 kinds of feed ingredients such as barley seed powder into the "feed ingredient list" and amend "1.2.4 rice". Name of the raw material and description of the material, amend the category name of “5. Other seed, fruit products and processed products”, amend the raw material name and mandatory labeling requirements of “9.6.5 gelatin” and transfer it to “13. Others Feed ingredients category (see attachment). According to the Announcement No. 22 of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Sciences of the People's Republic of China, from the date of publication, feed production enterprises can purchase and use the feed ingredients in this announcement in accordance with the requirements of relevant laws and regulations.

List of Feed Ingredients Revision List