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Three big guesses about the future trend of pig prices

2019/03/01 17:33
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On March 22, the Changtong County Public Security Bureau Datong Police Station comprehensively promoted the "Red Earth Golden Shield" 100-day patrol special action sprint campaign. On the basis of the previous concentrated operation, it launched a unified network, and investigated and dealt with five cases of manufacturing fake and inferior veterinary drugs in one day. 5 criminal suspects were arrested, more than 300 finished products, 60 semi-finished products, and a batch of raw materials and production tools were seized.

In response to the situation in the jurisdiction, the Datong Police Station managed to think hard and brainstorm, and crack down on the illegal and criminal activities of manufacturing and selling fake and inferior veterinary drugs. Starting from logistics enterprises and agency offices in the urban and surrounding areas, we strived to achieve breakthroughs through the investigation of the owner of the goods and the investigation of the dens by the owner. At the same time, increase the intensity of intelligence clues, research and judgment, and the intensity of household visits, and investigate the clues of “four blacks and four evils”.

Recently, the clues of various working groups have gradually gathered in the leadership, and the criminal suspects and their dens have gradually surfaced in the pursuit of all the police and auxiliary police. On the morning of March 22, after careful deployment, the commander of Lai Fugui made an order, and the police forces of each group rushed to their own goals. In a logistics company located in Tengfei Second Road, the police seized more than 100 fake and inferior veterinary drugs on the spot, and found out that the batch of fake and inferior veterinary drugs were respectively Chen Mosheng, Luo Mo, and Wu Mou, and three people were suspected of producing and selling counterfeit. Veterinary medicine.

Subsequently, the police arrested the suspect Chen Mousheng in a rental house in the jurisdiction. At this time, another group of police officers arrested Xie Mouhua, the suspect responsible for the production of fake and inferior veterinary drugs, on the spot in a metal house on Dongsheng South Road, Dongjie Village, Datong Town. He seized more than 200 pieces of fake and inferior veterinary drugs and more than 60 bags of semi-finished products. Raw materials and production tools. A batch. After review, Xie Mouhua confessed to the boss of the den, Wu Moufu.

At present, the criminal suspects Chen Mosheng and Xie Mouhua have been taken into compulsory measures by the police. The criminal suspects Luo Mou, Wu Mouxian and Wu Mofu have been investigated by the police, and the case is being further investigated.