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China's green light for Thailand allows for the first time to import chicken from Thailand
Is it better to raise US pork tariffs? Chinese pig company is only happy for one day
I love the pigs deeply! Data show that EU countries are large pig farmers
British media: China will build hundreds of "super large pig tides", which will exacerbate excess capacity or export pork?
International dynamics of swine fever in Africa
Global Observation: 2018 will be a good year for pig producers all over the world
More African swine plague
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Russian-European "Pork Lawsuit" Upgraded Again
German media: German pig-raising enterprises relied on China to save worries about falling demand in China
The policy of benefiting farmers in 2016 is comprehensive, and these points are closely related to animal husbandry.
Several indicators of pig market enter red early warning zone*
Last week Jilin pig grain price rose to yellow area.
"Thousand yuan piglets" to reproduce the pig crazily fill the sow mode open?
7 provinces, pig prices broken 10, northeast pig stable and medium rise slightly
Summary of Differences in Poultry Breeding between North and South China
Today, the pig prices in the whole country tend to be in the south. The pig price in the southwestern region remains the highest price.
CFT pig comment: pork price fall temporarily to come to an end, coastal rebound amplitude increases.
Liu Chang takes over from the first show to talk about transformation. New Hope Six and 8.8 billion pork and meat sales
Nine major changes affecting the development of feed industry
Jin Weidong: Four Major Puzzles of China's Top 30 Feed Enterprises
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