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Today, the price of pigs has fallen a lot! But analyze the past 10 years of experience: the second quarter is expected to rebound

2019/03/01 17:37
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This year, more and more things can be shared. From the beginning of sharing bicycles, cars, charging treasures, to sharing my girlfriend and boyfriend, this is an incredible thing before, but now But it really exists in our lives, and it has also caused a craze, so many people are thinking about what else can be shared. No, some people have proposed sharing pigs. When I saw this word, I was just like you, in a state of arrogance. I thought: In this year, people really dare to think, bicycles will be considered, pigs can share, then let us What is the sharing of the year of the pig?


Sharing the year of pigs, do you think there is a prospect for development?

The so-called sharing of pigs means that you can claim it when you are a pig or a piglet, and attribute it to your own name, just like claiming a child, but the difference is that the pig you claim does not need to raise it yourself. Big, you can hand it over to a special breeder, let them do it for you, just give them a certain fee on time. After one year, they will return the pig to you. After that, the fate of the pig depends on your own meaning. And now the price of pigs is unstable. Sometimes, the price of pigs will rise like crazy. If you share the pigs, you will solve such problems. Even if you don’t want to raise pigs, you don’t have to go to the supermarket to buy pork. It is.

However, the word "shared pigs" was just put forward. No one knows which step to develop in the future. It may disappear into people's sights soon after "cool cycling", which may change traditional farming. mode. What is your opinion?