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Sharing the year of the pig in the sharing economy, do you think there is a prospect of development?

2019/03/01 17:38
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(Source: Cover News) When you mention fat pork, many people who love beauty will wave their hands and shout "will gain weight."
When fat pork is backed up with a fat "pot", it has been impossible to check, but recently the BBC reported that fat pork was selected on the list of the ten most nutritious foods selected by scientists.


 This is a bit of a sigh! Let everyone hate it, and for the obesity "endorsement" for many years of fat pork, you have successfully "rebelled"? On May 29, the reporter consulted experts from the Institute of Animal Science of Chengdu Academy of Agriculture and Forestry Sciences and the famous Sichuan cuisine master To solve the problem, tell you where the nutritional value of fat pork is? How is fat pork and pork in Sichuan popular?

1 fat pork successfully "reverse attack"

Recently, a message about fat pork has spread across the sea. The reporter found that this report from the BBC official website "The world's most nutritious foods" released information on the selection of the 100 most nutritious foods among 1,000 foods.

Among them, many foods are acceptable to everyone, but among the top ten foods in the high-profile list, there is always the same food that is considered to be indiscriminate. It is the "fat pork" that many beauty lovers reject.

According to the data, fat pork contains more unsaturated fat than mutton or beef and is healthier. In addition, it can also provide vitamin B and minerals, which are beneficial to the human body. When the news came out, it immediately became popular in many portals, Weibo, WeChat and other spaces.

Some netizens commented that "every time you see the second brother, you can't look directly at the fat pork. The greasy look feels like you can eat a bite!" Some netizens think, "I like to eat fat pork from an early age, never believe it. Fat pork is directly related to obesity, and this time scientists have finally proved it."


2 fat pork is equal to obesity? Livestock experts: no direct relationship

The news of the fat pork counterattack came out, causing a lot of discussion. On the afternoon of the 29th, the reporter combed the three most concerned questions and consulted Qiu Shixiu, the head of the Animal Research Institute of Chengdu Academy of Agriculture and Forestry Sciences.

1) Where is the nutritional value of fat pork compared with mutton and beef?

Qiu Shixiu believes that fat pork contains a large amount of unsaturated fat that is beneficial to the human body, accounting for more than half, much higher than cattle and lamb. In addition, it also contains some vitamins, minerals and so on. Compared to many foods, this is indeed nutritious.

2) If you eat fat pork, will you gain weight?

“Fat pork causes obesity, and there is no scientific basis.” She said that there is indeed a lot of saturated fat in fat pork, but the body itself needs a lot of fat. For example, the consumption of energy, as well as the absorption of some water-insoluble vitamins, also requires the help of fat.

In addition, she mentioned that many people think that vegetable oil must be better than animal oil. "This is actually a misunderstanding. Animal oil contains a lot of nutrients lacking vegetable oil. The better way is the combination of meat and fruits and vegetables."

3) Since the fat pork is high in nutrition, can you eat it if you eat it?

In this regard, Qiu Shixiu believes that although the nutritional value of fat pork is good, it is still necessary to pay attention to the control of quantity. It is advisable for a healthy adult to control the intake of fat pork daily within 50g. It should be noted that people with conditions such as cirrhosis should eat as little as possible to avoid burdening the liver.

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