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For the "two brothers" name, fat pork was selected by scientists as "the ten most nutritious foods"!

2019/03/01 17:39
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(Source: People's Daily Online, Jinyang Net, Southern Network) The reporter learned from the Ministry of Ecology and Environment that as of June 25, the first batch of central environmental protection inspectors began on May 30 when the Central Third Environmental Protection Inspector Group stationed in Heilongjiang. “Looking back” has notified 32 environmental violations, and none of the 10 provinces and regions that have been stationed have been spared, and the results of the notification are even more shocking and shocking. Among them, Henan Province was notified 6 times, and Jiangxi Province was notified 5 times, which became the hardest hit area for the violation of laws and regulations in the process of “looking back”.

At the same time, local governments are also stepping up efforts to rectify livestock and poultry pollution. Recently, a large-scale pig farm has been punished and closed! There are also large-scale pig farms.

Environmental supervision "going back", a large wave of pig farms was punished and closed

1. Guangdong Zhongshan Triangle Town has cleared 5 illegal pig farms according to law according to law.

In order to comprehensively do a good job of the Central Environmental Protection Inspector's “Looking Back” work, on June 22, Zhongshan Triangle Town organized law enforcement forces to attack the illegal pig farms in the town's water source protection area, and cleared five illegal pig farms. 4,200 square meters, effectively protecting the drinking water source.

2. Demolition of 14 illegal poultry farms in Yangjiang, Guangdong

Yangxi County organized agriculture, water, environmental protection, land and public security departments to carry out special enforcement actions in Xinhu Reservoir of Chengcun Town, and dismantle 14 illegal farms and farms around the Xinhu Reservoir livestock and poultry breeding area. facility.

3. Guangdong Zhaoqing pig farm wastewater treatment is not in compliance, ordered to rectify

Recently, some people reported that there are two pig farms in Jiangyan Town, Guangning County, Guangdong Province, and there are waste water and odor pollution. The Guangning County Animal Husbandry Bureau investigated and verified that although the two farms have septic tanks, the scale of the septic tanks is insufficient to meet the processing needs, and it is ordered to complete the rectification before July 22, including the closed sealed pig farm; all pigs are not allowed In the case of scattered culture, it must be housed; the aquaculture wastewater is treated to meet environmental standards, and the waste generated from aquaculture needs to be comprehensively utilized;


4. A illegal pig farm in Heping County, Guangdong Province was shut down.

In order to cooperate with the Central Environmental Protection Inspector's “Looking Back” work, Heyuan City strengthened the investigation of outstanding environmental protection issues, found problems in time to rectify, and earnestly safeguarded the good ecological environment of Heyuan City. Recently, relevant departments of Heyuan City completely shut down an illegal and illegal pig farm in Heping County.

5. Jintan No.1 pig farm in Changzhou City, Jiangsu Province was closed down

On the 9th, Jintan District of Changzhou City received a “back look” assignment from the Central Environmental Protection Inspector. The masses reported that the Chen Jianhua pig farm in Jiefang Village of Qianqian Town had a scent to disturb the people and the manure polluted the environment. A recent investigation by the Jintan Environmental Protection Bureau found that the problems reflected by the masses were partly true, and it was proposed to impose a fine of 150,000 yuan on the pig farm and transfer it to the public security department.

6, Guangdong Yunfu: clean up the pig farm to avoid secondary pollution

The main leaders of the Guangdong Yunfu Xinxing County Party Committee and the county government respectively led the team to the central environmental protection inspector of the Yunqi Village of Hetou Town to supervise the “review” and immediately rectified the pigs on the contaminated pig farm and closed the two farms. . After on-site inspection, the two farms that were complained were not in the scope of the no-guard zone. However, due to the early construction of environmental protection facilities and the backwardness of some facilities, the county immediately decided to close the two farms. In the early morning of the next day, the pigs in the farm were cleaned up, and the disinfection and manure removal were carried out in the field to avoid secondary pollution to the environment due to unmanned management.

7. Five illegal pig farms in Xiangshan District, Guilin, Guangxi, closed and dismantled by themselves

During the 2016 Central Environmental Protection Inspector Group stationed in Guangxi, five farmers in Xiangshan District were complained of environmental pollution. On June 19, the reporter learned through on-site visits that the five pig farms had been closed and demolished by the end of 2016, which basically eliminated the pollution.

8. The environmental protection work in the no-management area of ​​Xiuqi Town of Chongqing City was solidly promoted. Gaoyang pig farm actively closed.

On June 20th, the Chaoyang Pig Professional Cooperative of Zhaoyang Town, located in Xiuqi Town, supported the pollution prevention and control work of livestock and poultry breeding in our county to protect and improve the urban and rural ecological environment. The farm slashed 149 fat pigs in the farm.


9. The livestock and poultry scale farms in the banned area of ​​Qinhuangdao City, Hebei Province were shut down and relocated.

Recently, the News Supervisory Team of the Municipal Supervisory Office conducted a news interview on the closure and relocation of livestock and poultry scale farms in the counties and districts of the city. From the results of the supervisory visit, the shutdown and relocation work has been completed 84%, and it has entered the final stage of hard work. However, the work progress is not balanced, and the task of fully completing the exit target on schedule is still arduous.

10. Comprehensively carry out pollution control of livestock and poultry farms in the suburbs of Tongling City, Anhui Province

Recently, the suburbs of Tongling City, Anhui Province, combined with the actual implementation of the implementation plan for the pollution control of livestock and poultry farms, it is clear that until November 1 this year, the livestock and poultry scale farms in the banned areas will be closed and retired; Comprehensive management of the households, in 2018, the proportion of manure treatment facilities for livestock and poultry farms will reach 60%, and the utilization rate of livestock and poultry waste resources will reach 50%.

11. Jiangxi Zhengbang pig farm was fined 300,000 for polluted environment

On June 9th, Ji'an City of Jiangxi Province publicized the fourth batch of letters and visits of Ji'an City to the public. There are 4 pieces of letters and visits, which reflect the pollution environment of Tanqiu pig farm of Xingan Branch of Jiangxi Zhengbang Breeding Co., Ltd., the mining of white mud in Ji'an Huadu Industrial Co., Ltd., the new pig farm in Tancheng Town of Yongfeng County, Taihe. County Jiangxi Zhaoqing Nitrocellulose Company has pollution problems in Meiwu River.

The county has ordered Zhengbangtanqiu pig farm to immediately stop illegal activities, and the wastewater has been discharged to a stable standard with a fine of 300,000 yuan. The Tanqiu Township Government formed a working group to dismantle the illegally expanded barn of the pig farm. 14 houses have been demolished and the area of ​​the demolition has been more than 5,500 square meters.

Recently, the first batch of central environmental protection inspections compiled by the People's Daily Online have also mentioned the pollution of farms in the summary of the notification cases.


The first batch of central environmental supervision inspections "review" notification case summary (as of June 25). (Cartography / Chen Xinru)