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Livestock Expo will launch Super IP Drama on Internet New Species Day

2019/03/05 16:29
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All business is content, all content is IP.

This is not only a revolution in the field of the Internet, but also a new rule of the future business game.

The animal husbandry industry is no exception.

New species of Internet is coming

"What is IP? Is it not the address? Two years ago, a joke by Feng Xiaogang made the word "IP" spread quickly.

At the beginning of the world's new life, many things have not yet been named. It is not surprising that finger pointing is still needed when referring to them.

In fact, the core of Super IP is an identifiable business symbol with high recognition. It means a kind of identity for moving content and a kind of community business label with potential energy and traffic. In this new commercial expression, under the catalysis of super IP, traffic, users and products are naturally integrated, and an attractive trading scenario is formed.

There is no doubt that Super IP is a big gold mine, but around this gold mine, we have to face a reality - where is Super IP in livestock industry? How can they cash in? Whether it is a "treasury" or a "grenade", the logic behind the contrast is that "super IP needs not only mining, but also operation".

On May 18, 2018, Chongqing Mountain City, the Super IP Animal Fair of animal husbandry industry will be held here, and Sanju will join hands with China Animal Husbandry Association to stage Super IP Drama.

Spoiler, including but not limited to




Eyeballs are not good? Don't worry, the highlights are behind.




Ancient wind stage effect, beautiful scenery, beautiful voice, beauty, food, dream back to the Tang Dynasty? Maybe it can.




You can only watch it off the stage, not on the stage.




Tired? Hungry? There's always one for you.




Don't be embarrassed. If you have enough money and willfulness, you can come. Then witness together that knowledge is money.




Everyone is IP, share will have a red envelope.

The winner of IP is the winner of the world

This is an industry Cafe market, this is a gathering of head content, this is a gathering of corporate IP, this is a product IP explosion field, this is a red envelope rain from time to time...

Welcome to meet us here.

The angry Shanghai Chaoxiang Biotechnology Co., Ltd. was the first to come, so he took the title.

Following, the home breeding pig group came, Philips Lighting came, Zhejiang Zhongyang Environmental Protection came *




When do you come?

The track is different and the result is different. If you also want to create super IP for agriculture and animal husbandry, and want to play together on "China Super IP Activity Day for Agriculture and Animal Husbandry in 2018", please contact: 13161902199 010-51652315.

May 18, 2018, we are waiting for you!

Source: Animal Husbandry Network