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Focus on heritage and innovation, looking for "2018" new good pig material - China good pig feed sixth quarter Chongqing livestock Expo grand opening

2019/03/05 16:31
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Through the spring and summer, through the autumn and winter, China's good pig stock has been held for five sessions, with the joy of harvest, the pride of success, and the sweat and tears of perspiration. But no matter what, it will not stop us from continuing to hold the sixth season good pig material. At the time of the sixteenth China livestock and Animal Husbandry Expo, China's good pig feed for the sixth quarter, focusing on Inheritance and innovation, looking for "2018" The new good pig material was launched at the Chongqing animal Expo.







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Conference host: Mr. Song Tao, China Feed Industry Information Network


The meeting was presided over by Mr. Song Tao, China Feed Industry Information Network. The guests attended the opening ceremony were Vice President and Secretary-General of Pig Raising Branch of China Society of Animal Husbandry and Veterinary Medicine, Professor Wang Chuduan, Doctoral Tutor, Professor of Animal Science and Technology College of China Agricultural University, Director of Southwest Branch of National Feed Engineering Research Center and Director Yang Feiyun, Institute of Animal Nutrition, Chongqing Acade Researchers and Yang Shaokun, general manager of China feed industry information network, have witnessed the important moment in the industry media such as "pig and bird" magazine, international animal husbandry network, pig e media, pig farm power network, search pig network, Bo Ya Ho, "pig farm" magazine, bean app and new feed media more than 10 media.
Vice President and Secretary-General of Pig Raising Branch, Chinese Society of Animal Husbandry and Veterinary Medicine,
Professor Wang Chuduan, Doctoral Tutor, School of Animal Science and Technology, China Agricultural University

In the speech delivered by Mr. Wang Chuduan, the pig breeding branch and the China feed industry information network jointly organized the five good pig feed, which had a great impact on the industry and society, and received unanimous approval. The pig industry in China also made great progress in relying on the feed industry. However, it also had defects in production efficiency, meat quality and environmental protection. In 2017, China entered the WTO. 110 billion dollars of farm products have been exported, and the price of pork has fallen to the bottom of the valley after the Spring Festival, and it may last for a certain time. Over the past ten years, there are 400-500 000 scattered households in China in the past 400-500 years, and 30% of the pig production in the next 10 years will be provided by the listed companies. The proportion will expand to 80% in 30 years. The healthy development of pig industry can not be separated from feed industry, which accounts for 70% of the*breeding cost, and the*quality of feed directly relates to the*pork quality. To realize the anti-resistance breeding in China by 2020, the most critical step is the feed sector. Therefore, good feed can produce good products, which requires the joint promotion of feed industry and breeding industry, and I wish China a good sixth season. Pig feed activities have been successfully completed.




Director of Southwest Branch of National Feed Engineering Research Center,
Researcher Yang Feiyun, Director of Institute of Animal Nutrition, Chongqing Academy of Animal Husbandry Sciences

Yang Feiyun, Director of Southwest Branch of National Feed Engineering Research Center and Director of Animal Nutrition Research Institute of Chongqing Academy of Animal Husbandry Sciences, delivered a speech. During the past 40 years of reform and opening-up, China's feed industry has developed into a big feed country with the highest output, which provides an important guarantee for the stable development of China's aquaculture industry. However, there are still some problems, such as low feed conversion efficiency, excess capacity and capital. Structural shortage of sources and increase of environmental protection costs are prominent problems. They are facing the urgent task of "improving quality and efficiency, transforming and upgrading". Under the new development concept of "innovation, green, open and sharing", under the background of the era and development trend of forage antibiotics prohibition and resistance reduction in breeding process in 2020, it is necessary to continuously develop new high-efficiency feed products that meet the needs of industry and market by using modern animal nutrition theory and technology, promote the transformation and upgrading of feed industry, and improve feed reward and fund return. Rate, reduce environmental pollution, promote industry development from factor input-driven to science and technology innovation-driven transformation, and through innovative research on feed production technology and breeding technology, open the road of sustainable development in the field of animal husbandry and feed in our country, and better play the role of supporting services for modern aquaculture industry and pulling the role of agricultural transformation mode and structure adjustment.

As the support unit of good pig feed in China, Yang Feiyun, director of the national feed technology and technology center, affirmed the long term efforts made by China's feed industry information network through the long term efforts to bring good social benefits and tremendous impact to China's pig feed activities.


General Manager of China Feed Industry Information Network Yang Shaokun

As China's feed industry information network as a good pig feed event organizer, general manager Yang Shaokun first led us to review the course of the past five China's pig feed activities. From the most popular piglet brand in 2013, 105 feed enterprises in the industry participated in the review, and 2 million 900 thousand voted. We finally selected 40 brands of piglets which were popular among pig farmers, and second in 2014. The theme of the season is Focusing on Innovative Brands of Feed Technology, Searching for the Most Beautiful Animal Nutritionist. Twenty excellent animal nutritionists were selected as examples. The theme of the third season of 2015 is "Sow Feed Brand Public Welfare, Searching for Star Brands of Feed Additives". There are 10 most popular sow feed brands in China, 41 Local excellent sow feed brands and 59 star brands of various additives carved into the public. The theme of the fourth quarter of 2016 is "Exploring the Customer Value Behind the Feed Brand". Thirteen optimized product value systems, eight trusted technology service systems and six trusted technology research and development systems have won user recognition. The theme of the fifth quarter of 2017 is "Searching for Excellent Craftsmanship and Opening Pig Raising Course". Twenty innovators, 52 innovative products and 28 innovative enterprises are selected. Industry.

When the time came to 2018, the industry faced huge reform. The enterprises were being integrated and upgraded. Specialization, scale and industrialization became more and more obvious. In the face of the new development trend, the requirements of the new era were put forward. Therefore, the theme of the sixth season good pig feed is "focus on Inheritance and innovation" and "2018" new pig feed. We will focus on the innovation technology to adapt to the development trend of the industry this year. Technology and products and the driving force behind these excellent achievements.

Media journalists ask questions
Meeting Guests and Industry Media Journalists
After giving speeches by Professor Wang Chuduan, director Yang Feiyun and general manager Yang Shaokun, the media representatives also had great interest in the sixth season's good pig feed, and actively asked questions about the purpose, theme and future direction of the pig feed. After the meeting, the industry media and guests took a group photo together. The sixth season of good pig feed started in China.
Source: China Feed Industry Information Network