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Yu**Style Piggery 4.0: Piggery Model under the Spirit of Craftsmen

2019/03/05 16:33
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Because of the working relationship, the author once listened to Mr. Yu Ping's report on the development of pig industry at close range twice. His wisdom and insights were impressive. Recently, I heard that Yushi 4.0 pig farm model was officially launched, which made people marvel at the rapid development of Tianzhao pig industry and the speed of model innovation.

In the current era, the production powers led by Germany, Japan and the United States have entered the industrial 4.0 era. The Internet of Things and intelligent industry in the aquaculture industry are in the ascendant. When will the 4.0 era of China's pig industry come? The global release of "Yushi Piggery 4.0" in Tianzhao Pig Industry may be a more obvious signal.The global release of "Yushi Piggery 4.0" in Tianzhao Pig Industry may**be a more obvious signal.

From the beginning of 1.0, 2.0, 3.0, to the brilliant*blooming*of 4.0 mode today, Tianzhao Pig Industry, a pig Star Rising in the southwest, stages to show its peers the fruits of their own production.

Maybe you can't help asking, why does Tian Zhao keep on producing results?

If you really want to ask why, the author's understanding of the omen can only be the word "ingenuity".

Since its appearance in 2014, in the process of continuous transformation and upgrading, "Yushi Piggery" has become more and more intensive, factory-oriented, information-based and intelligent. In the latest 4.0, "three without four provinces, warm in winter and cool in summer" is its most prominent feature. It optimizes and innovates the layout, construction, environmental control and other aspects of the pig farm, highlighting its environmental protection cost advantages.

In terms of environmental protection, "Yushi Piggery 4.0" through the use of automatic mechanical scraper or urine or urine and heterotopic fermentation bed technology supporting treatment, and all the odor discharged from pigsty disinfection and deodorization treatment, and all the mouth holes connected with the pigsty are protected against mosquitoes and flies, all dead pigs and sewage in the pig farm for immediate treatment, to achieve the effect of no sewage, odor and mosquitoes and flies. This is the case.



_Piggery 4.0 Excrement Immediate Treatment



_Piggery 4.0 Air Real-time Treatment




Immediate disposal of 4.0 dead pigs in Yushi pig farm

In terms of cost, there are four provinces. Land of a province: 120,000 pork pigs are produced annually for self-support, covering an area of about 180 mu. Investment in two provinces. About 120,000 pork pigs are produced in the self-supporting year, and the fixed assets investment is about 100 million yuan. Energy in three provinces: fully enclosed thermal insulation design and construction, all natural lighting, all natural ventilation under - 20 C ~ 20 C conditions. In four provinces, 300 pigs were raised, 3000 pigs were raised, and 4000 pigs were fattened.

Meanwhile, Yushi Piggery 4.0 also makes full use of the spare energy of pigsty, and realizes the*warm*summer*cool of pigsty by the unique way of natural lighting, ventilation and air circulation pre-cooling and preheating. In lighting design, "Yushi Piggery 4.0" will set a lighting belt every other distance on the roof of the piggery, which fully ensures the*light*in*the piggery. There are also innovations in the design of ventilation and temperature control. Natural ventilation + mechanical ventilation can be used between - 20 ~20 C. In summer, it can be cooled by underground air duct + wet curtain, and in winter, it can be heated by underground air duct + waste heat recovery (>50%) and auxiliary heat source.




_Yushi Piggery 4.0 Natural Ventilation Model




_Yushi Piggery 4.0 Natural Ventilation Model




Winter Ventilation Model of_Yushi Piggery 4.0

At present, there are 2400 core pig farms, 4800 expansion farms, 60,000 conservation farms, 5200 pig farms per batch and 1300 pig farms per batch in Yushi pig farm 4.0, which can meet the needs of different scale and different types of pig farms.




_Yushi Piggery 4.0 2400 Core Breeding Piggery Effect Map




Effectiveness Map of 4.0 4800 Expansion Farms in Yushi Piggery




Effective Map of 406,000 Conservation and Breeding Farms in_*Yu Piggery Farm

According to statistics, "Yushi*4.0" has been recognized and adopted by many large-scale pig farms and has been widely applied throughout the country. Up to now, "Yushi*4.0*url" has been distributed over 200 pig farms in China, and 58 new practical patents authorized by the State Intellectual Property Office have been obtained.




The success of "Yu Style Piggery 4.0" can not be separated from its founder Mr. Yu Ping's pursuit of product quality for more than ten years, his calmness and concentration, and*his ingenuity.
What does Mr. Yu Ping think of as a craftsman?