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Yu**Style Piggery 4.0: Piggery Model under the Spirit of Craftsmen
Focus on heritage and innovation, looking for "2018" new good pig material - China good pig feed sixth quarter Chongqing livestock Expo grand opening
Livestock Expo will launch Super IP Drama on Internet New Species Day
Environmental protection "teeth" become more and more sharp, the central environmental protection supervision "look back" accountability of nearly 2,000 people, farms become "disaster-stricken areas"
Since July 1, the two major industry policies have been officially implemented, and the pig industry is facing a profound impact!
Get rid of dependence on US soybeans, China will exempt Southeast Asian multi-country soybean import tariffs in July
In July, China’s total tariff on US pork will reach 88%, so happy!
For the "two brothers" name, fat pork was selected by scientists as "the ten most nutritious foods"!
Sharing the year of the pig in the sharing economy, do you think there is a prospect of development?
Today, the price of pigs has fallen a lot! But analyze the past 10 years of experience: the second quarter is expected to rebound
The price of pigs fell to the lowest in 8 years.
“Family pig raising is the main trend of pig industry development?” “Company ten farmers” are in the pit farmers?
Shock! The police investigated and dealt with five cases of manufacturing and selling fake and inferior veterinary drugs in one day.
Three big guesses about the future trend of pig prices
The "feed ingredient list" adds 32 kinds of feed ingredients such as barley seed powder!
China's increased demand has broken the Brazilian soybean export port. Brazil's soybean has the lowest global price.
Corn and soybean meal are falling together! The soybean meal market has been rising and falling in a narrow range! Come see
The Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Areas expanded the monitoring scope of national agricultural product quality and safety to 122
Regarding the seven conjectures of the pig industry in the next 10 years, how many do you agree?
Qingming, May Day, the deep-seated reasons for the price of live pigs “do not rise and fall”, do farmers know?
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