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Zhu Chun-xiu: DDC is a leader of feed flavor industry of China

2015/01/22 00:00
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On 2nd Sep., 2014,Mrs. Zhu Chun-xiu, the deputy director of Agriculture Halllin Sichuan province, visited DDC. She thought that DDC really did a great job as the leading enterprise in domestic feed flavor industry and play an important role as the only company unit to participate in drafting the flavor and sweetener national standards. She highly praised DDC for their great job in safety and quality control system during last 22 years. Mrs. Zhu wish DDC can maintain their leading position, being bigger, stronger and further strengthen after-sale services. At present, she said the problem of abusing illegal feed additive was very serious in the food industry. She hoped DDC can build safety quality system, further improve concentration, standardization and mechanization. Be the first to set up bar code system to be a good example for traceability in our industries. (Text, Photography/Zhou Bin DDC, Planning Department)