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DDC successfully co-organized 3rd National Senior Creep Feed Conference

2015/01/22 00:00
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During17th to 18thApril, 2013, the3rd National Senior Creep Feed Conference, co-organized by DDC, was held in Wangjiang Hotel. Approximate of 300 elites from the national feed industry, participated the meeting. Zeng Fankun, the assistant chairman, an associated professor in College of Life Science and Engineering of Southwest University, was invited to host the forum. The topic were as follows: "The new trend of creep feed, weaning transition feed and piglet feed, and plasma substitutes, antibiotics substitutes, the new material, new technology, marketing and service concept ".

As a guest speaker of this conference and DDC technical consultant, the British experts Dr Mike Varley made a speech about" creep feed processing technology and raw material pretreatment”, and translated by Dr Lei Yan, the manager of DDC Technology Service, (Text, Photography /Bin Zhou, Planning Department)