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Feed sweetener national standard was approved, DDC was the only company invited to participate in drafting

2015/01/22 00:00
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On 3rd, Sep., 2014, as the only company participates, DDC was invited to prepare a national standard project for “feed sweetener”, which was led by China Feed Industry Association. “General requirements of Mixed Feed Additive, Sweetener ", were approved by AQSIQ and SAC, with standard number GB/T 31215-31215.The standard will be carried out after8th, Mar., 2015.

With the implementing of the drafting feed sweeteners national standard project, DDC has obtained strong support from China Feed Industry Association and other industries. On 29th Nov., 2013, “General requirements of Mixed Feed Additive, Sweetener” passed the examination by "the Seventh National Feed Standard Review Council "held in Beijing. Its advanced technology was recognized as "international advanced". The standard was identified as an example of feed additives standards in our country. This was the second time for DDC to draft the national standard project successfully after the Chinese first feed flavor national standard (GB/T21543-2008) in 2008. (Text/Zhou Bin, DDC Planning Department)