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DDC 2016 Situation of Feed Industry Technology Forum held in Changsha

2016/05/05 00:00
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On 5th May 2016, the seminar about the situation and break situation of Feed Industry Technology and Feed Regulation technology was held in Chang Sha City. It was organized by the American Soybean Association and DDC, was hosted by Yin Yulong Academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering.

On this meeting, Chen Daiwen Vice President of Sichuan Agricultural University, DDC Dr. Lv Jirong and Shi Xue Doctor of American Soybean Association have made report and their topic report is separately <The situation and break situation thinking of Feed Industry Technology>, <The influence of feed regulation on the performance of pig>,<The influence of dietary fiber and Oligosaccharides on the performance of piglets and fat growth pig>