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2020-DDC quality knowledge competition starts fiercely
Chengdu TV interview in depth DDC Interview Report
Summarize the starting point of 2019, 2020 and meet the end of 2022-DDC2019 group construction inventory
Another research achievement of Dr. DDC Leiyan is included in Canadian SCI journal.
Dr. Lu Jirong was invited to Lanzhou University to share with us
Dr. Lu Jirong was invited to give a keynote speech at the 3rd Sunbird Animal Husbandry Development Conference
10 students from Sichuan Agricultural University won the 2018 DDC postgraduate scholarship.
DDC won the title of "outstanding private enterprises in Wenjiang district", and Li Xiaobing, the general manager, won the title of "outstanding private entrepreneurs in Wenjiang district".
10 students from the school of animal science and technology of Sichuan Agricultural University won the 2018 DDC scholarship.
7 students from Nanjing Agricultural University won the 2018 DDC scholarship
DDC successfully participated in EuroTier2018
The fifth alumni association between DDC and Sichuan Agricultural University was held in Tianjin.
DDC participated in the 2018 VIV China
Dr. Lei Yan, DDC R&D director, made a speech with the theme of feeding regulation in international forum
Focusing on animal feed intake control, DDC first exhibited in China dairy industry exhibition.
DDC successfully held an industrial and business themed salon.
The 5th member congress of Heilongjiang feed industry association was held, DDC won three awards.
In 2018, students from One Belt And One Road national feed formula seminar visited DDC
DDC "Aroma" won the title of China livestock science and technology innovation product of 2018
DDC participated in the international livestock and poultry expo of Argentina in 2018
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