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In 2016,DDC was acquired top 10 brand of China livestock feed additive.

2016/11/05 00:00
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On Nov. 4, 2016 China Livestock and Poultry Health Science and Technology Innovation Forum ended successfully in Chengdu.

As a member of China's livestock and poultry industry, DDC play an important role on the China Livestock and Poultry Health Science and Technology Innovation. Dr. Lv Jirong, who is deputy general manager of DDC was invited to give a lecture on this forum. The topic is about “the impact of feed intake regulation on the performance of piglet”. Dr. Lei Yan who is the director of DDC R&D share insights according to the question about flavors and additives which put forward by Chinese television station leader Xie Yingling and her shares become the most attention content on this forum.

‘2016 Chinese livestock and poultry feed additives ten famous brand" list announced at site, DDC is on the list.