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Teachers and students of Southwest University of Nationalities visited DDC.

2018/01/03 00:00
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On January 3, a group of 16 students and teachers from the school of life science and technology of southwest university of nationalities visited DDC with the guidance of professor Guo chunhua. They visited the biological workshop, the automatic batching workshop, the three-stage environmental protection system, the museum of flavor.

During the meeting, Luo Fan, an associate professor of Southwest University for Nationalities, shared a speech on ‘application of probiotics compound in animal feed’ , from hot topic of nonreactive to the application of probiotics in animal feed, the communication was mainly focused on the application effect of single probiotics and compound probiotics, and application advantages of enterococcus faecium, etc. Lv Jirong, an external mentor of Southwest university of Nationalities and DDC deputy general manager, elaborated on the next 10 years development trend of breeding industry, poultry industry, dairy industry etc and She also made a speech with the theme of ‘sow feed control’.