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1998, Meet the Great

2014/12/03 00:00
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On the radio, the familiar melody came:

Come on, come on, meet 98,

Come on, come on, meet in 1998,

Meet in the sweet spring breeze,

Meet the eternal youth,

The heart meets, the heart meets,

Year after year,

No matter how far...

Great, we met.

In the fall of 1998, a young man carrying a bag and carrying a passion that just came out of school and wanting to see the world came to Chengdu. It’s you, Chengdu Emperor, you opened your arms and accepted my ignorance. juvenile.

Great, you are the second school in my life, fourteen years. I carefully read in your school: reading life, reading work, reading people, reading things. I don't want to graduate because you have something to learn.

I remember that when I first entered the company, it was still the 17th Hongshan Road. In the two or three thousand square meters of factory, I started the first stop of the Great Emperor's trip - production workers. The factory at that time was not mechanized, and a lot of work was done by hand. One of the things I was most afraid of at the time was to drop the goods. A bag of corn protein powder was heavier than my weight. Fortunately, with the help and care of my colleagues, I let the lightest work every time, so in the production department. When the workers, it is only 11 months.

In the second year of September, I started the second stop of the Great Emperor's trip - sales.

With the understanding of the production process and craftsmanship and the dream of reading, I entered the sales department. At the time, the entire company had only four or five sales people. My work place was also transferred from Hongshan Road to Ma'anshan. At that time, it was considered to be in the city. In the sales department, the work is relatively simple, call, send delivery, collect money, visit customers. There is also happiness in simplicity. The happiest thing is to organize a group of people to "go to the market." We almost ran all over Sichuan townships, carrying vest bags, loaded a few packs of "Great Emperor incense", with a few pens, a few books, is a gift for customers. In this way, I walked the streets and lanes. In addition to the game, I did not forget to engage in some self-entertainment activities. My colleagues felt that I was "squatting" and "small", so I often played the role of a village girl and let Qi manager take the "T". Model. I often have to rush from this county to another county in the evening. On the way, let Qi manager get off the catwalk. It’s really fun.

In addition, the running town market brought me the greatest gains, let me say goodbye to singles, and met my current wife. Maybe it was because I was too "smart", and fell in love with her at first sight. I only had an umbrella that I left behind when I ran the market.

With the development of the market, the intensification of competition, and the changes in sales models, the company is constantly reforming and innovating. Just in June 2001, when I was in charge of the standing work, I always talked to me, saying that the company had some new measures. It was necessary to set up an office outside the province. It was first planned to be established in Yunnan to see if I would like to be a "King of the Kings". . I said let me think about it and give a reply four months later. Four months passed, and on October 27th, Xian and Li always found me and asked if I thought about it. I want to decide immediately. To be honest, there were many ideological struggles at the time. Yunnan has always been a place where I feel terrible. In my mind, there is a place where "the people", the chaos on the border, and the spread of drugs, but I still resolutely agreed to the company's requirements.

At noon on October 30, I and the manager of the sales department, Zhao, set foot on the train to Yunnan and started the third stop of the Great Emperor.

When I came to Yunnan, there was no resource to use, and everything went from scratch. People are strange, the city is strange, and even the language of speaking is unfamiliar. Carrying heavy thoughts and burdens, I constantly hint at myself every day, persist, persist, and persist. I will do it, I will do it. If you pay, you will definitely gain something. At that time, the working environment was very simple. The stove was made up of two pieces of wood. The table was made up of two pieces of goods and the newspaper was bought. The bed was bought second-hand. Once upon a time, looking at these furnishings, I burst into tears...

However, the greater pressure comes from work. At that time, there was no “old” to eat, and everything had to start again. As a student of education, it is not a big challenge. So, I started the second peak of my life. Learn animal nutrition, feed processing, disease prevention, pig production, marketing, and corporate management. As long as you hear about short-term training, the cost of spending more is going. At that time, Chen Anzhi, Zhang Jingui, Yu Shiwei, Meng Huichun, etc., as long as they had classes in Kunming, I would never fall. Even including Yunnan University, Kunming University of Science and Technology, I have actively participated in many courses.

Hard work pays off. During this period, a lot of connections have also been established. In 2004, I was based in Yunnan with a brand new look. At that time, enterprises in Yunnan were still in a very backward situation. Therefore, I have done a lot of exchanges and exercises with many companies in sales and management, and try to provide them with more value-added services. In this way, I won the customer and won the market.

Plum blossoms have come from bitter cold, and Bao Jianfeng has been grinding out. The road is long and the road is long, and I will search for it. The work will continue and the story will continue.