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With the growth of the emperor

2014/12/03 00:00
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In August 2003, I left with my friends the first job we went together after graduation. A company that worked for two years. In the original company, I used to ride a motorcycle in a snowy day for a week. Province. That year was a turning point in my life. After working for two years, I suddenly couldn’t find the direction. The trip to the miles was actually a test of myself. Although I slipped on the road, I also flowed. After a tear, it is to see if you can persist and test your perseverance. The mood at that time was like the baptism and rebirth of one's own life, just like many people riding bicycles and completing the Sichuan-Tibet line. After resigning back to Chengdu for two months, I suddenly realized that only work is the driving force of my life. I applied to Chengdu Dadi Feed Co., Ltd. in October and became an ordinary salesperson.

Time flies, and in the twinkling of an eye I have been with the company for eight years and more than enough. For me, this experience is a valuable asset in my life, because during this period, the emperor not only provided me with With a vast sky, I have slowly matured my social experience and work experience, and the Emperor has gradually developed into an excellent enterprise in the international feed additive market.

Sometimes stopping to stop, looking back at the eight years that I have passed, I can't help but sigh. Many of the original things have long been wrong, especially in terms of ideological understanding. Old people often say: "Youth What to plant, what to harvest when you are old." I feel that every employee in our company is a seed, as long as you devote yourself to the fertile soil of the company. The growth of seeds is inseparable from the nutrients provided by fertile soil. This fertile soil is also prosperous because the seeds have not lived up to its efforts and rewarded with their own growth, so we think that what you planted in the company will be the company. What is the reward for you. If you are willing to take responsibility for growth, then you have the right to grow.

If the company is a condensed society, it is better to say that the company is a stage to show your life. Everyone here has its own role. Maybe in the previous scene you are just a background, but after continuous efforts you can become a small supporting role in the next play, although it is only a small step forward, but for the short performance time This is already precious, but for today's society, this performance time has already been prying into the crowd, so we must continue to work hard to step into the center of the stage, in order to become the protagonist from the supporting role.

The company's growth is also true. Every employee in the company, some people have realized their own value as the company grows, and the company will thank him for everything he has done. Because they took the initiative to take on the responsibility of the company's development, while pursuing their own progress, they also promoted the company's growth. This is an important reason for their promotion and a guarantee for the company's better performance in the future.

In the Great, my biggest feeling is that the Great can provide a good development platform space for each employee. In this space, you can be infected by corporate culture, you can feel freedom, happiness and passion, and are often deeply infected by the selfless dedication of leaders and colleagues, in order to fulfill the company's commitment to customers, in order to maintain the company Reputation. Under this kind of spiritual infection, I also know how to give. In the process, I found that dedication is also a kind of happiness. In the dedication, I feel that my business level has improved significantly, and it is easier to integrate into a team. Perhaps, such a corporate culture is also a kind of growth. In this kind of dedication, I have unwittingly passed through a very beautiful period of youth in my life. I came to the company from my 20s, but now I have entered the age of standing.

At the Great Company, opportunities are equal. Each of us has an opportunity, perhaps we have not taken on this responsibility to realize our own value. Nor does it take the company's growth as its responsibility. The company's sustainable development is based on the progress of the times. As the industry grows, the company's growth depends on the joint efforts and continuous improvement of all employees within the company. . Every employee's progress will promote the company's growth. Every employee's efforts will add strength to the company's progress. It is the unshirkable responsibility of every employee to achieve their own progress and promote the company's growth. Only the growing employees can Create greater value for the company.

Friends, come on, come to the Great, let us use our limited life time to realize one of our common aspirations. I tell you all the experience I have done in the Great Emperor for more than eight years. Everything here is definitely worthy of your trust!