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Growth and change

2014/12/03 00:00
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Time flies, time flies, look back at the time that the company has passed through the company has happiness and frustration, innocent fantasy, ambitious ambition and ambition, joy of failure and sorrow and success. I have experienced these bits and pieces in the company, just like our company "Song of the Earth" music, weaving my life. All this, I want to thank my company boss and all the leaders who care about me, to help my colleagues, because they gave me the opportunity and career platform.

Looking back 7 years ago, I was laid off from a state-owned enterprise and went to the sea. Because of the shallow knowledge of society, I eventually lost money at home and made me fall into a low life.

On February 10, 2003, I was very fortunate. Under the recommendation of a former leader of the state-owned enterprise, Zhao, I joined the current Emperor Hank Biotech. I just entered the company and everything is strange, unfamiliar industry (I used to be a food system), strange leaders, strange colleagues. Before arriving at the company's report, all the family members taught me many times to strive for qi, learn more, be steady, honest, kind, enthusiastic and sincere. I want to do things well in the company, seize the opportunity, change myself, and say that I will go wild again. Go to be a "wanderer" yourself. After the company training, I got to know the product. With the help of my colleagues, everything gradually became familiar. The company is no longer strange. Some leaders and colleagues have become my friends. I started to like the company and like to sell this profession. I have lived a strange life and everything has become happy!

In the past 9 years, in the company's 9 years, the company has continuously nurtured me to learn new knowledge and new ideas. I have grown together with the company for 9 years. Looking back 20 years ago, my boss’s hard work and sweat in order to create a company can’t be measured by money. In 1990, Dr. Yu Lin, the chairman of the company, began experimenting with their research results in a small county in Sichuan. Since then, we have developed a self-developed feed flavoring agent. In March 1992, Chengdi District of Chengdu City was established. In May 1993, the company changed its name to Chengdu Dadi Feed Co., Ltd., and registered the trademark of “Dadi”. In November 1994, the company's production site moved to Hongshan Road in Chengdu, and the annual production capacity reached 1,000 tons...

This road came, the country's largest and most advanced feed flavoring agent research and development and production base was born. The company is constantly refreshing records and creating miracles. In the course of development, the company actively participates in relevant seminars at home and abroad, and establishes scientific research cooperation projects with many well-known universities at home and abroad. The company now has advanced production and testing equipment, and has the most advanced automatic feed aroma production line and feed sweetener production line in China; the company's testing center has the world's most advanced GC/MS detection system, and has built the largest and most domestic Complete feed flavor application laboratory and feeding test site. In the industry, it has the reputation of “feed seasoning expert”. It has a talent network consisting of doctors, masters and returning scholars who have been engaged in management, animal nutrition and flavor and fragrance research for many years. In the past 20 years, the company's development has been rapid, and the company's boss is leading the Great Emperor to continue to create miracles.

I have experienced a lot with the company's 9 years of growth, I have seen a lot, and I have heard a lot. But what I need to do, I need more tutoring. I will redouble my efforts to learn, keep up with the company's development pace, and contribute to the company's development. I will follow my family's teachings to change myself and reflect value!

Twenty years have passed. In 2012, after 20 years of development, the company celebrated her 20th birthday. I wish the company a happy birthday!

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