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Growing up in the Great

2014/12/03 00:00
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After graduating in 2002, he went to the Oriental Branch of Changchun Branch to engage in marketing. Since August 2006, he has been working as a developer in the Northeast market for a decade. He has been working for more than five years in the company. Unconsciously rooted in the Chengdu Emperor. During the period, happiness and bitterness are difficult to express in words.

On the company's 20th anniversary celebration, at this exciting moment, the company's new milestone is coming soon, and some of the company's major events are also vivid:

In September 2006, the company's base moved into the National Strait Science and Technology Industry Development Park, where the company built the largest and most advanced feed flavoring R&D and production base in China.

On July 13, 2007, the company moved into the National Strait Science and Technology Industry Development Park.

After the May 12th earthquake in 2008, the company's employees were united and heroic. All employees of the company donated RMB 210,000 to the disaster area to assist seven affected employees to rebuild their homes.

The General Technical Requirements for Feed Additive Flavoring Agents issued by the General Administration of Quality Supervision and Inspection and the National Standardization Administration of China was promulgated on April 9, 2008 and implemented on July 1, 2008. This standard is a national standard (GB/T21543-2008) and is the first feed flavoring standard released in China to date. The standard was proposed by the Ministry of Agriculture. The standard drafting unit is the Beijing Animal Husbandry Feed Research Institute of the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences and Chengdu Dadi Feed Co., Ltd. Our company is the only enterprise unit involved in drafting. Yu Lin, chairman of the company, and Bao Qingbin, deputy general manager, participated in the drafting.

In August 2008, based on the results of six years of research, the sweetener molecular fusion technology achieved breakthrough success, and a production line of more than 1 million sweetener molecular fusion technology was put into use. "Tasteful sweetness" came out.

In September 2008, the company introduced the Agilent Gas Chromatography Mass Spectrometry Linkage System, which is the latest and most advanced system in its class.

From April 6 to 12, 2010, led by general manager Li Xiaobing, overseas business manager Jiang Wei and technical service department Lei Yan and his party went to South Korea to inspect the market.

On November 1, 2011, Mr. Miguel Angel Granero Rosell, Commissioner of Animal Welfare and Feed, EU Health and Consumer Protection Department, Dr. Alberto Mantovani, EU Food Safety Authority, Ms. Wang Liwen, Director of Feed Evaluation Division, China Feed Industry Association, Sichuan Feed The general manager of the station, Bai Fan, and the Sichuan Feed Industry Office, Li Zongming and his party, visited the company. Mr. Yu Lin, Chairman of the Board, and Ms. Li Xiaobing, General Manager, personally participated in the reception...

Looking back at the company's growth, I couldn't help but feel a lot of emotions. From a small company that has not been transferred, to now, we have the most advanced feed seasoning production line and inspection and testing equipment, and we have a highly sophisticated team of talents. A flavoring application research laboratory has formed a sales network of north, south, and east, and exported to Southeast Asia, Russia, Latin America and other countries (regions). It will also open up the US and EU markets, fostering and revitalizing a well-known nation. Brand, what a proud thing! As a member of the company, I am proud of my company and I am proud of it. Of course, this is indispensable to the care of the company's leaders, and ultimately the cooperation of the team, and less support from all walks of life.

Looking back on the past development process, facing the opportunities and challenges of the future, I am full of confidence, because the company has created opportunities for growth, provided me with a stage to show self-worth, let me continue to grow in my work, and constantly gain Growing confidence. In short, the company's growth, that is, my growth, all these are the results of my growth with the company, I also have the responsibility to make painstaking efforts for the company's growth, the company will continue to develop because of our joint efforts, grow.

Let us look forward to the company's tomorrow will be even better. I also expect that I can take off on the road of my career, because I believe that Hank, the great man of Chengdu, is your future and hope.