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Great emperor, put wings on my dreams

2014/12/03 00:00
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In January 2005, Beijing was exceptionally cold. When the 1364 train arrived, it was still dark outside. I dragged a huge box and looked for the bus stop in the cold wind. Although the face is like a knife cut, but the heart seems to have a fire, full of passion and hope. Because it is very likely that I will spend it in the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences in the next two years, what a wonderful day!

I don’t know how long the bus has been sitting, and finally came to the place I dreamed of. The doctor who received me was from Chongqing. I knew that the experts responsible for the project would only fly back from Seattle at 12 o'clock in the evening, but I insisted that I can meet with him in the first time. We talked a lot that night, and when I left the next day, he hoped that I could come to work as soon as possible. At the same time, I also received an email from the instructor asking me if I was interested in returning to Chengdu to do a "small peptide" project. A few nights of tossing and turning, between the "magnification fermentation process" and "emerging things research", I chose the mysterious thing of "small peptides". It was at that moment that quietly planted my indissoluble bond with the emperor.

After the Spring Festival, I returned to Chengdu and met Dr. Yu Lin. We had an in-depth exchange on the R&D project. At the time, the concept of "small peptides" was still very new in the field of animal nutrition and health care. Therefore, I have consulted a large number of relevant literatures at home and abroad with full of passion and exploration of unknown things. Recent advances in animal absorption mechanisms, nutritional health benefits, preparation processes and pathways, including small peptides. At that time, there was always only one question in my mind: What should we do? I sat in front of the computer and analyzed it repeatedly. One week, two weeks, three weeks, until the fourth week, the experimental plan and plan finally came out, but I was inside. Full of embarrassment, at this time my tutor gave me great encouragement and support, let me have confidence, dare to try boldly, and arranged my brother to be my assistant to do this project.

In the experimental phase, the first problem we have to solve first is the screening of strains. We have carried out large-scale fermentation experiments, and finally selected four strains as product fermentation bacteria by detecting the protease production capacity of various strains and the effect of enzymatic hydrolysis of proteins. When we entered the optimization stage of the fermentation medium, it was already hot in August in summer. The high temperature and high humidity environment in Chengdu has brought us a lot of obstacles. In the past one month, our fermentation experiment will end in failure every time because of different degrees of infection, even if we carefully handle every detail. Can be avoided. So my tutor suggested that we rest for two weeks, and it might be better to calm down and then come back and continue to do it. When we returned to the laboratory, the miracle really appeared. Every fermentation was surprisingly successful. We played the songs all the way, no matter how day and night, doing experiments, not only to measure more than two hundred fermentations every day. In the same way, we must continue to do new fermentation experiments. Many times, we work until 11:00 in the evening and we are reluctant to go back. The body is full of endless power. In two or three months, we not only optimized the medium, but also successfully completed the mixed fermentation process of the multi-strain. It can be said that the laboratory work was completed ahead of time. As long as we expanded to the pilot scale, we were really successful. So in the pilot scale-up test, we are extra cautious. The last step is that it determines the fate of all our previous work. In order to provide a stable fermentation temperature, we used a heater and an electric stove, 24 hours heating, sometimes until one or two o'clock in the middle of the night, we have not returned to the dormitory, time to turn and adjust the temperature and humidity. By the end of the fermentation, we will wait and see. When we got the test report of the pilot sample, it almost rushed into the mentor's office. I still remember that the first reaction of the instructor at the time was: Is this high protein content and small peptide yield accurate? In order to verify the accuracy of the data, we repeatedly measured it four times that night. The next day, when the instructor walked into the office, When I was excited to hand over the test data to him again, my heart was solid. After that, I couldn't remember how to return to the dormitory. When I woke up, it was already late. When I woke up, I could still feel the smile on my lips.

In 2006, the small peptide product was systematically tested and proved to have a better effect in improving the meat-to-meat ratio and partially replacing antibiotics and other protein materials, and my research paper was also approved for publication. At that time, I reviewed the whole development process. Although I encountered many setbacks and failures, it also taught me a lot of professional knowledge and skills, and I have a new understanding of animal nutrition and immune additives. I also laid a foundation in my heart. The seeds of research and development have made me quietly and unconsciously into the world of animal nutrition and welfare.

In 2007, I walked out of the campus. I resolutely gave up the work of a biochemical company in Chongqing and chose to continue to serve animals and engage in scientific research. So I came to the emperor. It took me only 1 minute to make this decision because I knew what I wanted. The development of biological products in the field of animals, like a piece of cheese, exudes a seductive atmosphere that deeply attracts me to move on. After entering the company, the first project I was responsible for was the industrialization of “microbial fermentation of small peptide preparations”. At that time, it felt like I was raising my children to care. At the same time, in the sweet world of the company, I began to really contact the field of fragrances and sweeteners, and tried to improve the coordination and stability of the fragrance by biological fermentation and specific enzymatic hydrolysis, and develop new flavor substances. Through the efforts of our biological team, we will give new flavor to feed flavoring and increase its core competitiveness. Therefore, in the following days, we have done a lot of exploratory research: enzymatic hydrolysis of compound cream, enrichment of rare elements in yeast, production of flavor substances by purple potato fermentation, production of aroma substances by microbial metabolism, and items are focused on future feed flavors. The direction of development, the failures and hardships we have experienced along the way are far more than the joy of success, some of the assistants have also switched to pharmaceutical research and development, while others have returned to the school to pursue higher degrees, but in the face of setbacks No giving up, research and development continue, persistence, persistence, and persistence have always encouraged us to continue to innovate, hoping to use our dedication to improve and guide the feed flavors to a new level, to bring better welfare to animals and Pleasant.

In 2009, in order to meet the growing market demand for special animals and pet food, we also took up the task of developing special animal and pet feed flavoring products. This area is basically a blank for the country. What kind of flavor do special animals and pets like? What kind of products can make animals enjoy the happiness and pleasure of eating better? It is no small challenge for us. The sensitivity of special animals (fox, scorpion, scorpion, etc.) and pets such as cats and dogs is much higher than that of humans, and their domestication is far lower than that of livestock animals such as pigs, cattle and sheep. Their wildness and Carnitogenicity determines the particularity of their taste in a certain sense. After consulting a large number of domestic and foreign literatures, applying existing experience to systematic analysis and communicating with relevant experts, we finally found a breakthrough to solve this problem, and began to try to comprehensively use modern food technology and bio-enzymatic technology to find improved special A palatability and attractive solution for animal feed and pet food. I don't know how many days and nights, we repeatedly enzymatically digest all kinds of natural raw materials. Novozymes, Pangbo, lipase, protease, and complex enzymes, we constantly test the enzymatic hydrolysis effect and improve the enzymatic hydrolysis process. The fragrances that are suitable for animals have finally slowly emerged from our samples. The liver, meat, cheese and compound flavors continue to enrich our product range, and have been consistently praised by cats and dogs. ". But we believe this is just a good starting point. In the future, we will give our flavors more functionality through biotechnology, so that our ultimate consumers - animals are more enjoyable and healthier.

The road is long and the road is long, and I will search for it. Since 2005, my relationship with the Emperor has been 7 years. From the earliest small peptide research, selenium-enriched yeast to current pets, special animal feed flavors, whether it is spirit or product, has been fully integrated into the Great.

Scientific research is the engine of sustainable development of enterprises, and I have always believed that the engine of "biotechnology" will definitely be turbocharged. The Emperor gave me an open stage. Although I am not a very talented dancer, I will sing the song of the Great, and dance with the beautiful melodies.

Great, happy 20th birthday! Our future will be even better!