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The Great Emperor-the fertile soil for growth

2019/02/26 17:08
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Chengdu is a city you don't want to leave when you come. Chengdu Emperor, a fertile land for growth, where we grow, absorb nutrients, experience storms, blossom beautiful, blossom and bear fruit.

I have worked in the company for seven years, seven years is not a short time, but I found that in the company, this time is far from nothing, many of them are more than ten years, or even nearly twenty years old employees. Why do these people always "sink" here? I am thinking in silence. Maybe everyone has their own answer in mind. Successful enterprises have similar success points. People who "sink" in successful enterprises may have similar reasons. My understanding: the growing emperor, here is infinite vitality, here is a fertile soil for growth, everyone here blossoms.

Looking back on the changes of the company in recent years, from Hongshan Road to Tianfu city and then to Wenjiang science and Technology Industrial Development Zone, the changes are totally earthshaking: complete sets of automatic fragrance production line, spray drying sweetener production line, application test production line, imported gas chromatography-mass spectrometry, liquid chromatography, biological enzymolysis technology equipment, standard workshop, spacious and comfortable. Office... These are our strongest backing, the strongest guarantee, the cornerstone of the development of the emperor, and the driving force for our continuous progress. Employees, customers, suppliers, industries... They all saw and recognized the development of the Great Emperor. They all supported the development of the Great Emperor with their actions. The Great Emperor also made himself better and kept climbing peaks to repay them.

The development of the Great Emperor is the result of the blooming of the Great Emperor; the blooming of the Great Emperor is inseparable from the moistening of the fertile soil of the Great Emperor. The Great Emperor is like a school. Everyone who has a relationship with the Great Emperor has the opportunity to share knowledge and improve their learning. General Manager Li Xiaobing often said that the more knowledge is shared, the happier it is to share. Li always uses her broad mind to share his knowledge, her experience, her happiness, her health habits and her code of happiness to every friend around her as much as possible. We all benefit a lot. There are regular training, the influence of irregular learning atmosphere and the cultivation of learning habits, some send out for further study, some invite in to pass on the treasure, some moisturize the things silently, there are reading experience exchanges, there are storytelling on stage sharing, journal commentary speeches, contending for advanced speeches... Someone concluded that excellent emperors are good students who do well, write well and speak well.

The company provides a more suitable development plan for everyone, and provides training and learning programs to achieve the plan. Here you will get a lot of learning opportunities, many learning opportunities, computer operation knowledge, marketing knowledge, industry-related expertise, health knowledge...

Perfect, extreme, detail, persistence, the fertile soil of the Emperor breeds the growth of the Emperor, with the pursuit of perfect working attitude, carry forward the extreme style of work, pay attention to details, adhere to perseverance and perseverance, and continue to succeed.