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The Emperor made me break cocoons into butterflies

2019/02/26 17:09
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In a twinkling of an eye, Dadi Company has entered its tenth year. During this ten-year period, I said goodbye to the youth of my twenties and changed into the mature elegance of my thirties. At the same time, the joys and sorrows of this ten-year period have also constructed the most beautiful and unforgettable youth years in my life. Suddenly looking back, there are too many feelings, but more thanks and gratitude. Ten years of emperor's life has written a strong brush on my way of growing up, and I will treasure this wealth forever!

Nan Renshu, a famous Korean writer, once said that women's life is determined by their twenties. The choice of work, marriage and family will affect their future life. For me, it's no exception. In 2003, I met the Emperor by chance. During the nine years'long journey, we loved each other and grew up together. Here I want to say: Thank the Emperor for giving me the opportunity to let my youth blossom passionately in the fertile land of the Emperor; thank the Emperor for providing stage and exercise opportunities, let me change from an ordinary technical service personnel to vice president of management marketing, planning and technical services; thank the Emperor for training, let me change from a master's degree to a doctor of animal nutrition specialty... Thank you so much and thank you so much that I can't list them all. Here I solemnly say: Thank you, God, you are the cradle of my growth. Without your cultivation, there would be no today when I broke my cocoon into butterflies!

Recalling the growing years, opening the curtain of memory, scenes of one scene emerge in my mind...

Home Landscape-the Starting Point of My Growth

"Mountains are not high, fairies are spiritual, water is not deep, dragons are spiritual, Si is a shabby room, only I Dexin," this sentence has been deeply affecting me since childhood. I was born in a remote mountainous area in Sichuan. Although my hometown was relatively backward when I was young, the living situation was basically that traffic depended on walking, communication depended on roaring, public security depended on dogs and shivering against cold, but the villagers in my hometown were hospitable and honest, where mountains were emerald, stone walls were like screens, rivers were clear, the air was fresh, and the whole village was surrounded by mountains and rivers, greenery and beautiful environment. 。 The obstruction of mountains, the inconvenience of transportation and the backwardness of economy have not closed my mind. On the contrary, it may be because of the spirit between mountains and rivers that I have a simple, realistic nature and a never-failing personality. As a result, good grades have become one of my major strengths, so my parents especially favor me, although they are all simple rural people, but they always say to me: "Read more books is good." This simple language has always been the spiritual driving force for me to go to school, and I am proud to be the first university student and graduate student in our village and even in the countryside. Graduate students'study has made me inseparable from the animal husbandry industry, and laid the foundation for the association with the emperor.

The Great Emperor of Marriage-the Way of Butterfly Change

In 2002, I successfully obtained a master's degree in animal nutrition, a key national discipline of Sichuan Agricultural University. My first job was as a technical formulae teacher in Henan Shangdu Group. Because I met Ms. Li Xiaobing, General Manager of Dadi Company. Although there were no business contacts between us at that time, after several exchanges and communication, I was also conquered by Li's personality charm. Her life values, work philosophy and enthusiasm for friends are all examples that I learned from. So since I met Mr. Li, she took care of me like her sister, and I always regarded her as my elder sister and teacher.

In 2003, because of the love "Sichuan" complex, I wanted to return to Sichuan to work. When Li learned about it, he kindly invited me to join the Emperor. I was moved by her sincere and simple personality, and decided to join the Emperor. That is to say, in 2003, the company set up a new department for me - Technical Services Department, which is mainly responsible for product application promotion and market demand information communication platform.

In 2005, the company offered to give me time and money to train me to study for a doctorate in animal nutrition from Sichuan Agricultural University. At that time, I was actually worried about studying for a doctorate. The reason is that I deeply experienced the significance of what Mr. Yang Fengluo said, "If I don't feel like going to hell in a nutrition institute, it's impossible to graduate." I also witnessed many doctorates. Living to pay too much effort and hardship, but Li always said a word that made me determined, she said: "conditional people should read more, endless learning, like our chairman, now did not give up learning, is still a doctor in Sichuan University!" Yes, chairman, everything, why should we choose to learn? It can be said that is a pursuit of life, and I, since such a year! Light, there are such good conditions and opportunities, and what is the reason for retreat and timidity? Therefore, after some ideological struggle, I changed my mentality 180 degrees, thinking that this is a rare opportunity, should be seized, but this indicates that I personally and the company will sacrifice the corresponding interests, I told the human resources manager my concerns and ideas, she firmly said: "The company." Since you promised to train employees, you will fully support and fulfill your promise, you can rest assured to go to school. In fact, in order to make my Ph.D. study smoothly, the company has given me relaxed working hours, focusing on learning; in order to complete my Ph.D. study task, the chairman of the board of directors took time out of his busy schedule to help me collect information and guide my experiment plan many times; at the critical turning point of my Ph.D. study, although the general manager is in a good position, she always comes to Ya'an for me personally. Come on.

Of course,