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Great Emperor's Sweet Flavor

2019/02/26 17:15
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On September 4, I received a phone call from the general manager of Zhao, saying that the company is going to write a book about the growth process of the company for the twentieth anniversary of this year. It needs the staff of the company to provide some material. As an employee of the company for ten years, I should have my own story about the emperor. After the general reminder of Zhao, the scenes of the ten-year work of the Emperor came to my mind, and everything was clearly visible.

Ten years ago in March, because of my youth, I left a feed company indignantly and came to Chengdu Dadi Feed Co., Ltd. At that time, the company was preparing to do the pilot work of office in Liaoning and Heilongjiang. Considering that I had done business in the northern market, I was assigned to Liaoning office. Although before I entered the company, I had done wine sales and feed sales, I still like a salesman walking between feed factories every day, using blind cats to kill mice in the way of making feed seasoning sales. Because Dadi's products have a certain market share in the Northeast market, office performance is also sloppy, at that time it was "alone on the high-rise, looking forward to the end of the world".

One year later, with the company's strategic planning and organizational structure adjustment, I adjusted from Liaoning office to Shaanxi market. In this year, according to the strategic objectives, the company began to set up a systematic training plan for marketing personnel, because I am a more casual person, accustomed to the free thinking mode and the free action mode of work, coupled with self-belief that there is a little business ability, there is a great resistance to the company's training, language and behavior in the process of training are relatively scattered. I remember that in order to eliminate the fear of salesmen visiting customers and train their language expression ability, the company offered a training course of "Reading and Exchanging Experiences". Each salesman sent a book and shared it with all the salesmen one month later. At that time, I did not take it seriously. I thought that I had been running business for so many years. It was just a piece of cake. On the day of the sharing meeting, I was pulled to the first stage. When I really stood in front of the stage and faced more than twenty familiar faces, my heart began to tense up. My hands did not know where to put them. My mind was in a state of confusion. Usually I talked a lot and now I don't know where to go. Speaking of it, thanks to the encouragement and friendly eyes of my colleagues, I slowly adjusted my mood, and the contents of the book came back to my mind. I earnestly shared the reading content with you. After the sharing meeting, I found that it was more difficult than I expected to do. I also understood the company's pains. Slowly, I began to accept the company's various training arrangements, product knowledge, marketing skills, professional knowledge, computer use, driving skills and so on. Through the company's training and combined with the practical application of the market, with the passage of time and continuous efforts, gradually in front of the peers, with a house, a car, I also promoted from the general marketing staff to the marketing manager of the Northwest Region. It is precisely because of the company's comprehensive training, in 2007, "brilliant Mid-Autumn Festival celebration" of the literary and artistic evening, I stood on the stage as a host, facing hundreds of fodder factories under the stage more than 300 audiences, and three other colleagues calmly hosted the whole evening, after the evening ended, everyone unanimously praised.

In recent years, it can be said that "mountains and rivers are doubtful and there is no way out, and there is another village with dark willows and bright flowers." In 2009, due to my mission in the Emperor and the spirit of submission, and in order to cooperate with the company's service marketing concept, I asked for orders in Fujian market, the company set up a Fujian office. I remember that when the office was first established, I was confident. According to the company's requirements, we must familiarize ourselves with the whole market and establish customer file information in three months, so as to accomplish the company's target tasks. In the Fujian market at that time, although the "Emperor" brand customers were familiar with it, sales fell to a low point. Customers are already unfamiliar with the products and services of the "Great Emperor". At that time, I only did one thing, that is, repeated visits to customers, so that customers understand the establishment of the office. But after a year, the performance was flat, I began to waver, even thought of retreating.

At that time, the company General Li observed my ideological trends, in early 2010, the first time came to the Fujian market, it is General Li's trip to Fujian let me understand the profound meaning of the word "perseverance", it is a customer visit that I can never forget. After many telephone contacts, Mr. Li finally made an appointment with the owner of a feed company in Putian at 4:00 p.m. the next day. I was very excited at that time, and finally made an appointment with this customer. Because the owner is very difficult for ordinary people to make an appointment. That evening, Mr. Li urged me to prepare the information, samples, contents and business cards for visiting customers tomorrow. It's already twelve o'clock in the evening. The next day, we started from Fuzhou and arrived at the company on time. Mr. Li contacted the company's president by telephone. As a result, the other party did not answer the phone, and then sent a message to the other party. As a result, there was no reply, once, twice, three times... It's six o'clock. I began to think about retreating at this time, but Li always smiled and said, "Wait a minute, maybe you'll see it later." We sat on the stairway of the feed company and waited. The cold wind gusted outside, and the smell of the food came to us. The waiting continued. At 7 p.m., the sky was getting dark.