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2019/02/26 17:15
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January 4, 2010, just after New Year's Day, a chance let me come to DDC interview. Before I came here, I only learned through the Internet that this is an 18-year-old feed additive company. Although I had been engaged in feed marketing for nearly five years before, I knew little about feed additives, because the proportion of feed additives in feed raw materials is really too small and too little. When I communicated with Dr. Wan and Dr. Lu of Human Resources Department, I felt that this was a more important one. Big and more challenging platform, two years later, I was glad for my decision at that time. I learned a lot on the platform of DDC, and the greatest achievement was to learn to share.

DDC has gone through 20 years, deposited a lot of excellent culture, but also nurtured a deep connotation, like a bottle of old wine, you need to slowly taste, taste, and then you will have endless aftertaste, unforgettable.

I once traveled with Mr. Li on a business trip and shared with her the meaning of being an enterprise. Her words made me awe-inspired. She said that my greatest happiness was to see that our staff could have more wealth, be healthy both physically and mentally, and work and study happily. She hoped that the platform of DDC built by her would enable us to give full play to our talents and enjoy success and joy. Yue! At that time, I was very touched, and I also thought a lot, for a long time, what is the greatest joy of life in the world? What is the meaning of happiness? I think it is not how much wealth you have personally, how much happiness, how much happiness, but how many people you share your wealth, your happiness, your happiness. These things don't diminish because you give them to others, but they have more because you share them.

Happy to share, difficult to share, this is the sharing of Liangshan heroes, giving people roses, hand leave fragrance, which makes our world more beautiful, I believe that the company will share the culture of fragrance and sweetness throughout the land of Shenzhou, drifting to all the lakes and seas.

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