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Dance with me

2019/02/26 17:15
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The winter of 1995 can be said to be a major turning point in my life. After intense ideological struggle and uneasy about the status quo, I summoned up the courage to throw away the "iron rice bowl" of state-owned enterprises and entered the Emperor as an ordinary financial officer, starting my career in the Emperor.

Although, the initial office environment of the Emperor was not ideal: five mu of land, rented a number of production-oriented enterprises, different human environment, different odors diffuse... But at that time, more than 10 emperors in the district attracted me deeply with their warm, considerate, hard-working, friendly and sincere smiles. I was impressed by the fact that the employer and his employees shared happiness and sorrow. So I stayed and became an emperor.

My first job to the Emperor was to clean up all the accounts of the company since its inception. Because there were no professional financial personnel and the management was single before, it took three months to clean up all the accounts and calculate the benefits. So far, a complete set of financial system and accounts has been established, and the emperor's finance has begun to get on the right track. And my professional knowledge management experience has also been accumulated, professional spirit and professional literacy further improved, a year later, promoted to the financial department manager.

With the growth of the company's business volume and the expansion of its business scale, various aspects of human resources are constantly introduced. Especially in 1997, with the rapid growth of marketing personnel (sales is the leader, the construction of sales team is the top priority of the company), how to establish an effective incentive and restraint mechanism is imminent. This is a new challenge for the company and me. In January 1998, Emperor's first marketing evaluation program was born, which was named "comprehensive evaluation program". Since then, the formulation of annual marketing assessment plan has become one of the key points in my work. On the one hand, we should consider how to give more effective play to the enthusiasm of marketing personnel, how to achieve the optimization of incentives and constraints, and how to improve efficiency; on the other hand, we should also consider the overall efficiency of the company. After long-term exploration, accumulation of experience and support of staff rationalization suggestions, the company's marketing assessment program is constantly innovating and improving. Over the past decade, the company's performance has been steadily rising.

Since 2002, the company has implemented the development strategy of collectivization. Chengdu Intelligent Spring, Sichuan Meida Business and Trade, Chengdu Dadi Spring and other companies have been established one after another, and the company has achieved diversified development. Two years later, I was promoted to Financial Director, responsible for the financial management of the group company. In the future, the financial management of the Great Emperor has a long way to go. We must also learn from advanced financial management concepts and innovative management ideas, and constantly improve the financial management system.

Looking back on the seventeen years with the emperor, there are too many successes, gains, joys and touches, as well as numerous failures, setbacks and pains, but we have always been together, sharing the happiness and pain of growing up. We have experienced a period of market downturn and witnessed the rapid development of the company. The company has grown from a workshop-style operation at the beginning of its establishment to a leader in the industry. From dilapidated factory buildings to modern hardware facilities, its business has also expanded overseas. And I also grew from an ordinary employee to a company executive under the company's training. On the road of life, everyone can find many reasons to interpret life, and I am grateful, because God has created opportunities for me to grow up, provided me with a stage to realize self-worth, let me constantly get nutrients, and constantly gain self-confidence to grow up.

At the same time, the Emperor has a highly competitive team of talents, we are all striving for the Emperor, because the Emperor is our home, we are full of dreams, clear goals, with the wisdom of the mind, to open the beautiful future of the Emperor. We strive to enrich ourselves, accumulate rich and thin hair, we all look forward to taking off in the career path, we hope that we can fight the long sky. The stage under our feet is also expanding, she will become more and more broad, more and more colorful!

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