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The great emperor

2019/02/26 17:16
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It has been ten years since the Emperor joined us. In retrospect, we have come step by step with great emotion and harvest. With a special and grateful complex, on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the founding of the Emperor, I leave behind my good memories and future prospects for the company.

Know the Emperor

In my age, people are fond of state-owned enterprises, because they represent the iron rice bowl, old people, and all kinds of welfare. However, with the opening up of the country becoming more and more rapid, the society is also undergoing tremendous changes. Since the 1990s, more and more successful private entrepreneurs have started their own businesses, and the diversification of their work and the abundance of materials have made me a person who has worked in state-owned enterprises for more than 20 years, unable to resist the desire and pursuit of the outside world. Finally, in March 2003, I quit the work of state-owned enterprises and joined them resolutely. Du Dadi Hank Biological Technology Co., Ltd., formerly Chengdu Dadi Feed Co., Ltd., has become a salesman.

I remember the time when I was ready to join the team of the Great Emperor. I just felt that after so many years in the state-owned enterprises, I had no passion and fighting spirit of adolescence at all. I also wanted to create and obtain more material basis and better life for myself and my family. So, without any sales experience, nor any professional knowledge, resolutely joined the company.

Just arrived at the Dadi Company itself is a blank paper, strange to the agriculture and animal husbandry industry and blank knowledge of feed seasoning, so that I have a deep blankness and helplessness for the future, but there is also a desire for the future and thirst. Every day, I try my best to familiarize myself with the characteristics and selling points of various types of products of our company. I take part in the training of basic knowledge of feed condiment products and feed. After three months'study and training, I finally step out of the first step of visiting customers in Beijing independently after passing on, helping and taking along by the old salesman. Therefore, every day after visiting customers, in the evening, summarize the gains and losses of visiting customers and communication deficiencies, in order to improve and improve in future visits. Although, in the first half of the year, I felt very tired physically and mentally, and even began to miss the work and life of state-owned enterprises, but every time I get new orders from customers, I have a good mood of pain and happiness and a firm mind, I believe that adherence to a road will go better. And along the way, the acquaintance with the emperor and then to know each other, the more the insensitive relationship with the emperor deepened and deepened, but also more feel the warmth and love of the great family of the emperor.

Growing up with the Emperor

In 2006, on the occasion of the fifteenth anniversary of the founding of the Emperor, the company is ready for development, the speed of new product research and development is accelerating, and the competition between domestic enterprises and foreign enterprises and the Emperor is becoming increasingly fierce. In order to make the staff have a better development platform, but also to improve work efficiency, the company began to send employees to colleges and universities for further study. At this time, although I could be competent for the work at that time by my own efforts and learning, but always stagnated in a kind of appearance, trapped in a puzzlement that can not improve essentially. For me, it is also a time when the Emperor's company needs charging most. Period. At this time, General Manager Li Xiaobing of the company seemed to know me better than I did. He sent me to the EMBA of Tsinghua University for study and further study. After a year and a half of working while studying, he not only gave me a new understanding of sales work, but also found a new kind of work fun and motivation in the market.

In 2011, the company also arranged for me to participate in a study tour organized by the American Soybean Association to the United States. During our stay in the United States, we visited American farms and farms, where farmers are busy and happy, but they need to play many roles at the same time: farmers, managers, accountants, machinists, welders, carpenters, veterinarians, chemists, agronomists, teachers (to show employees how to be farmers), marketers, investors, restaurant owners. The high degree of mechanization and hard work makes the income of American farmers and breeders far higher than that of urban white-collar workers. This trip to the United States not only broadened my horizons, but also made me feel the emperor's manager's mind and love and expectations for employees.

Prospects for 20 years

The Great Emperor has gone through 20 years from childhood to adulthood, from adulthood to strength, and the farming and animal husbandry industry has undergone tremendous changes. But the Great Emperor is still young and energetic. Today, with the explosion of knowledge and the rapid transmission of information, the Great Emperor has more innovative and innovative means of research and development, and his personnel are constantly younger and more knowledgeable. I have a ten-year relationship with the Emperor. As an old employee of the company, I will continue to exert my surplus heat.

Warm life course, place life's dream, move life's feelings, persist in life's belief, achieve life's brilliance, fire life's memory. My sincere congratulations and wishes to the Emperor Company 20 years later: to become an international first-class enterprise, to achieve first-class team, to build a first-class product structure, and to become a model for the industry! ________

I hereby dedicate myself to Chengdu Dadi Hank Biological Technology Co., Ltd., which has worked silently, sharpened our mind and persevered throughout our life.

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