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Me and "She"

2019/02/26 17:16
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I've known her for eight years, but I can't marry her.

I have been doing very well, following her much younger than me, she is an outstanding beautiful woman, 20 years old this year. My love: "Left girl, fair, graceful, graceful, graceful manner, a smile, more inclined to a city."

I always follow her, just want to see her look at me with wise eyes, then I am satisfied. I also dream that one day she said to me: you are very strong, you have a fervent heart, you have touched me, you are still a potential stock, you are so frank and open-minded.

I've been dreaming of pursuing such a wonderful woman. I'm glad I know her. Since I met her, I have been trying to do a good job of myself, to temper myself more powerful, I want to prove to her that I am strong, she will admire me, feel me, she will like me more.

I also learned a lot from her. It was she who made me more mature, treasured and integrated into a big family. Many of the stories ended with satisfaction, and she promoted me.

I have always admired her. I have always admired a strange woman as my eldest brother, because she has always been excellent. I've known her for eight years. Now she's in Chengdu. I'm in Xuzhou. We call each other every day without interruption. I am three thousand miles away from her, three thousand miles away from each other, silently adhere to that commitment. As you grow up, I would like to offer you my most sincere wishes and warm blood.

I wish you well, I love you, my company.