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The story of me and the great emperor

2019/02/26 17:17
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It was a summer in 1998. A black, plump girl, only fifteen years old, from the northeastern countryside, caught a train for three days and nights with a worrying heart, and finally arrived in Chengdu, a city of all unknown things. The sky here is the same as my mood at that time. There is no bright sunshine in the grey sky. I can't remember how to get to Liangjiaxiang. It's an office space of our emperor in earlier years. It's a residential building at 36 Ma'anshan Road. The third floor is the offices of various departments, and the sixth floor is the lodging place and dining hall for employees. I had a short rest, and Mr. Li arranged for a white van to pull me to No. 17 Hongshan Road. I remember that our emperor's factory was only a rubber factory rental area at that time. The factory was very old and the surrounding environment was very poor. The factory area was always filled with the mixed flavor of our "signboard" fruit and milk fragrance. The fragrance had been remembered deep in our hearts...

When I met Mr. Li, the first thing the boss said to me was, "Don't think you are a relative of my family. You have to go back unlike other employees if you can't do it well." This sentence makes my heart tighter, yeah! What can a Northeast girl like me, who did not go to college and just graduated from junior high school, do to make a living? My first job in the Emperor was as a warehouse keeper, whose job was to keep raw materials and finished products. Each of my master and I had a bicycle, each with a big lock in the raw material depot. We repeatedly traveled between the factory area and the red brick warehouse area every day. A week after I became a warehouse manager, Mr. Li came to the factory to work as a procurator, and finally gave me a kind smile. In this way, I succeeded in becoming a great emperor.

In those days when I was in charge of product custody, Yu Dong and Li always cared about their employees'actions, which I remember very deeply. At that time, our production department often had to work overtime till late at night, sometimes until 2 a.m., when the second shift was finished, I was notified to put in the warehouse. Yu Dong and Li always knew that their colleagues in the production department worked hard overtime, and often bought a lot of brine to visit the overnight workers. The two bosses cared about many things about their employees. Kind and kind bosses often impress people. Emperor's happy work in the company is like being in a warm family. Because you will find that the people around you are actually very kind, they are willing to remind you and help you; the company leaders are very kind, they are not stingy to teach you, mention you; the company atmosphere is very harmonious, you need not be nervous, do yourself is enough.

Later, I worked in the procurement department and the information department, studying in different positions in different departments. One day, Li always talked to me. She said to me, "Jingjing, you are still young. There are many things you can do in the future, but only if you read more books." In this way, I listened to General Li's suggestion and started my three-year study life in 2000. In the Provincial Tourism College, I studied tourism and hotel management for three years. During the holidays, I always go back to the company to take the place of my sisters on duty. At that time, people of the Great Emperor would always talk about it. I was like a small firefighter in the company. I could help where I was in a hurry. This sentence was a great encouragement to me at that time.

It was in May 2003 that I entered the Emperor again. I became the Emperor again as a salesman. By this time the Emperor had passed his tenth birthday, and his factory had changed its old appearance into a new one. In this seemingly ordinary and ordinary position, I learned many ways to solve problems, such as how to communicate effectively with customers by telephone. All these experiences have paved the way for me to become a qualified front-line salesman in the future. I have to mention a person here, who is Manager Li Yang of the Supply Department. It is also a sentence of Manager Li in 2005: "Why don't you try to do sales, that's what really trains people. Hard as it is, it will make you grow faster." At the same time, this idea has also been recognized by Li General, so I seem to have not even thought clearly, was told to hand over the internal service work as soon as possible, the market to be sent is Zhengzhou market.

Before I could think more, I simply packed my bags and went down to Zhengzhou in the Central Plains with a large red suitcase. Little by little, in the slow erosion and sculpture, I saw my gradual change. Speaking and doing things become more confident, treating people and things more modest, and thinking more mature. Having mastered the necessary business skills, the work gradually becomes handy and becomes a joy of life. Looking back from Zhengzhou in the Central Plains to Shunde in Guangdong, it is true that as Manager Li said: Sales really exercise people, really let people continue to grow. With a grateful heart, I would like to say today:

Thank you! Emperor, you are an excellent platform; Thank you! Manager Li Yang, for your call to me; and thank you, General Li, for your cultivation, support, concern and selfless love... Thank you, Yu Dong, for your tolerance and trust.

This year's emperor has been 20 years old, 20 years of stormy journey, 20 years of adherence to the concept, 20 years of innovation and change, I am honored to have 14 years with you in these 20 years, thank you for enriching and enriching the process of my life, the past has too many beautiful memories have been remembered.

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