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I grew up with the Emperor

2019/02/26 17:17
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After the hot summer, harvest autumn, cold winter, warm spring of hope, I unconsciously walked into the Emperor for twelve years. Twelve years are not short in life. As a member of the Great Emperor, I feel proud and proud. As the emperor grew stronger, I realized my life value and became a successful professional manager.

As a teacher for more than 10 years, I came to the great hall when I came down from the platform to know nothing about the feed industry, and I knew only about biscuits and drinks. At that time, the Emperor had just completed a certain amount of capital accumulation and entered the track of rapid development. Our office is located in the residential area of Liangjiaxiang. The office is connected with three apartments, covering an area of only 300 square meters. My first position in the Emperor was in the raw materials department. Every day I rode a bicycle between the production department of Waibeihongshan Road and Liangjiaxiang Lane. My job was to check the amount of raw materials and packaging. Slowly, my blackboard bookkeeper gradually learned the actual purpose of each account (until now, I hated "accounting" and thought that doing accounts was nothing to do, and several times on a number was superfluous).

The growth of the emperor can not be separated from the efforts of every emperor, and my growth also benefits from the help of my colleagues, who let me know what is intent, what is dedication, what is loyalty... I remember that Wen Yaohong, the warehouse manager, weighed the goods carefully every time he arrived. When he moved in 2006, he racked his brains to make the best use of space to load every moving car. When Wang Chunlin shipped the goods, he found that the freight cost was slightly higher than usual. He taught me how to make a careful calculation. Zhang Hong, the former warehouse manager, had a good command of the company's products and the packing situation of each customer. He always remembers in his mind whether each customer's products have been produced, whether they are shipped with relevant information...

The most memorable day was the summer of 2006. That summer, Chengdu had been experiencing high temperatures for more than 40 consecutive days. Hongshan Road was in a very poor condition at that time. Most of the factories around it had been relocated. Our electricity is pulled at a high price from the company that is left next to us. The company has become the focus of attention of thieves, telephone lines have been stolen frequently, telecommunications has no way, when the old uncle's air-conditioning machine was removed is still a mystery. At that time, the first thing to do at work was to ask Xiaolong whether there was water or power failure. One of the three shortages of telephone, water and electricity was very common. Even so, we insisted on production every day. At that time, the maximum production capacity was 6 to 7 tons per day. In order to complete the production task, I mobilize all the production personnel. The first shift starts at 7 o'clock in the morning, starts at 4 o'clock in the afternoon, and ends at 11 o'clock in the evening. Even so, less than 10 tons of production are completed per day (half of current daily capacity).

The worst one was a week of water shutdown. We only depended on fire trucks to deliver water. The day when fire trucks deliver water became our festival, and we became friends with fire fighters who deliver water. Neighbouring residents also benefited from us. I remember once queuing for water basins and buckets stretched across the gate of the rubber factory from our factory. Every time I see drought reports on TV, I will remember the unforgettable Hongshan Road.

Over the past 12 years, I have become a senior purchasing manager in the industry, which has been recognized by the industry. In fact, this is due to the increasing use of raw materials, so I have a voice in dealing with suppliers. The good operation of the company has given the company a high reputation, and it has been rated 3A customers by many suppliers, forming strategic partners with many suppliers.

Of course, our development can not be separated from the support of suppliers for many years.

In my advocacy, the fragrance and fragrance industry has set up a "fragrant and lifelong" association to exchange information and mutual benefit for our common spice industry. Eugenol was in serious shortage last year. Thanks to the association's information, I reduced the company's cost by more than 100,000 yuan while guaranteeing its use. Supply is no longer just a service sector of production, but increasingly a strategic sector to improve the competitiveness of the company.

Over the past twelve years, whether it is the 10th anniversary celebrations with milestones or the company's several relocations, I have been in the company's production site from more than 80 square meters to nearly 50 mu production base today, and the company's employees from 230 to more than 100 people today. The company is growing day by day, and I am becoming more and more mature, and my ability is improving day by day. It has become the past to deal with emergencies calmly, to cope with the rise and fall of raw material prices with a calm attitude, to cry over the shortage of saccharin, and to regret the full depot of saccharin.

It's my honor to be a great emperor. Every day in the twelve years of the emperor's life, the greatest harvest is enrichment and happiness. The company is my family. I love my family! I am willing to continue to grow with the company!