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I'm Married to the Emperor

2019/02/26 17:18
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I remember one day when I was in another company, I had a tea chat with one of my partners. She talked excitedly about her attendance at a company's celebration party a few days ago. She said that she was particularly impressed by a program at the party. The employees of this company put on the dance of their company's clothes made from product wrapping. She said that the program was very good. I asked her what the company was doing. She said that it was a spice-making company called "Earth". As time went on, I only vaguely remembered that a company had performed such a program. It seemed that even the name of the company had become blurred.

In a twinkling of an eye to 2010, this year is my own career planning to consider the transformation of the year, counting in the southwest far away from home to do sales has been a full three years, this year I hope to have a suitable job back to my hometown Shandong development, began to pay attention to the industry recruitment information, occasional opportunity to chat with a colleague friend of my own. One thing. She used to work in Emperor's company. She told me that Emperor's company is recruiting. You can try to see if Shandong can recruit people. And she also gave me a brief introduction to some companies. Everything went well. Interview and training, so I became one of the Emperor's members.

Here I quickly witnessed the innovative program that my partner described to me, from "legend" to "seeing is believing". In August of this year, the company cooperated with the American Soybean Association in hosting the "North-South Exchange" of the feed industry. The company also wanted to prepare a party for them, because the lineup of the performance was unprecedented strong, and the company had to add some new actors to the performance. After a simple PK, I was lucky to be a member of the cast. Although I did not participate in the program I heard before, in the words of my colleagues, I also entered the "entertainment circle" from then on. So I changed from "seeing as reality" to "being in it".

Whenever I calm down to review this experience, I think this may be what the Chinese often call "fate", which is destined in the dark, and what I can do now is to cherish this "fate".